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The Union Leader leads with the Democrats refraining "from attacking one another while Howard Dean worked to defuse fallout from his bombastic post-caucus speech." LINK

John Kerry "stole the show" before last night's debate "with a grand entrance, including a pipe and drum corps and a contingent from the International Association of Firefighters," the Union Leader reports. LINK

The Manchester Union Leader was unable to find anyone who thought there was a crystallizing moment in last night's debate. LINK

The AP's man-out-of-Central-Time Mike Glover states the debate lacked "the fire and sniping of earlier encounters in a race that's been jumbled in its opening week." LINK

Anne Kornblut of the Boston Globe on the "relentlessly positive, fraternal tone" of the debate. LINK

Novak reports that the candidates' decision to pull their punches was "good news for Kerry" and "bad news" for Dean and Clark. LINK

ABC 2004: The Democratic nomination fight in New Hampshire:

The AP's Will Lester Notes that Dean is losing support in New Hampshire even in counties next to Vermont. LINK

The AP sums up the pre-NH cash situation "'The same phenomena that brings it in dries it up.'" LINK

No hard numbers, though. Will any campaign volunteer their COH?

Will it be a showdown, like the Sharks meeting the Jets in New Hampshire on primary eve? The Boston Globe writes that Republicans are hoping for that to be the case when the Deaniacs meet face-to-face with the McCainiacs. LINK

The Washington Post's Jonathan Finer reports that independents, the largest voting bloc in Tuesday's primary, are even more undecided than are the registered Democrats. Lieberman, Clark and Dean have courted them the most aggressively. LINK

The Washington Post's William Branigan and Dan Balz Noted in an early file the high "undecideds" in the latest polls. LINK

The New York Times' Jim Rutenberg reports on the New Hampshire ad race, Noting that "The most important lesson [from Iowa], several strategists said, was that negative advertising can haunt the attacked and the attacker." LINK

Leadership with a smile: Dean's new ad. LINK

ABC 2004: The Democratic nomination fight:

Phil Kuntz writes in the Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire that since Iowa, Kerry and Edwards claim to have seen a boom in Internet fundraising, bringing in $700,000 online. Dean has raised $600,000 online since Monday's caucuses. Kuntz also has fascinating tidbits about whether or not Chris Lehane supported the idea of The General hiring John Weaver, and that Rep. Dick Gephardt would not take the call when former Vice President Gore picked up the phone to reach out.

Jack Welch assesses the leadership qualities of the Democratic presidential candidates in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

The Los Angeles Times reports that 21,000 people under 30, or 17% of caucus goers, participated the Iowa caucuses. LINK

The Washington Post's Mark Leibovich on the courting of Rep. Jim Clyburn. LINK

The Washington Post's Names and Faces reports (below the Big Bennifer News, of course) on yesterday's push and pull between David Gregory and President Bush about ribs … and catches a Kerry source grousing about Tom Brady's appearance next to Laura Bush Monday night. LINK


The Dean blog is Primetime Crazy. It reports a wave of contributions and more than 1,200 comments from supporters after the interview.

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