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The Arizona Republic's Paul Matthews rounds up the candidates' initial plans as they hit the ground in Arizona. Note Laura Capps' title switch from "Iowa spokeswoman" to "Arizona spokeswoman." LINK

South Carolina:

With a little bit of Southern pride, Lee Bandy of The State warns Sen. John Kerry that it's not smart to believe he can win the nomination without the South. Noting of course, that Kerry kicked off his campaign in the Palmetto State, only to return once since, and has talked repeatedly about how he doesn't need the South to win. LINK

The State writes that Sen. Edwards is the man to beat in the "first-in-the-South" primary next week. But while Edwards has the home state advantage, Kerry has the momentum. LINK

Noting that the focus of the candidates will not be solely South Carolina (there are other states up for grabs next Tuesday), the Charleston Post and Courier reports that "there was a growing sense Tuesday that some of the campaigns might be willing to concede South Carolina to Edwards while the fight moves to the six other states." LINK

Here come the ads! The State warns it's readers of the flood of campaign ads coming their way, saying "you might want to keep your remote handy this week." Warning: remotes don't help when the ads are on every channel. LINK

The State also gives a synopsis on how they think the national media has been covering South Carolina thus far. Fair? LINK

Politics Live:

Politics Live is off to the Feb. 3 races, featuring an interview today with Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina (we believe you've heard of him). Catch the show live at 1 p.m. on the Web.

Click here to check out a clip from yesterday's show, ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff does his best impression of Sen. John Edwards. LINK

AOL subscribers, don't you worry, you can watch it too. But you can't tell the players without a program -- which means ya gotta sign up to have ABC News Live delivered right to your desktop. We don't underestimate the power of customer service around here. LINK

ABC 2004: The Campaign Bus Logs:

From Onawa to Sabula, from New Ipswich to Scott Bog, ABC News' Campaign Buses -- Red, White and Blue are the biggest things to hit Iowa and New Hampshire since Jack Germond. They feature full-service production suites, hungry reporters, and fun-loving producers -- and they're the centerpiece of ABC News' Vote 2004 coverage.

Those bus producers -- some of them legends in the broadcast business -- file memos to the news division every night, providing a unique look at life on the road. Here are some of their observations.

Today, they're leaving New Hampshire and crisscrossing the country.

From ABC News Blue Bus producer "Legendary" Leo Meidlinger:

Top Note: AWOL driver Arnie reported enroute home to Tennessee. Reports reaching BLUE TEAM indicate Arnie feared being snowed in here in Manchester. Arnie, however, failed to tell TEAM BLUE'S main driver, Terry Ford, he was leaving. Investigation launched. Hopefully, Arnie will not be assigned to any further ABC expeditions.

What's that you say? Donut-seeking wag to late night counter man at the only open Dunkin' Donuts shop in town: Waddayamean you've got coffee but no donuts??. When do you make the donuts ??

v Late night counter man's reply: Well, most days we don't get 'em from the factory until about 3 am, but some days they don't arrive until 5.

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