The Note

Donut-seeking wag to self on driving away: If I only had a million, I'd open a KRISPY KREME store in this town and kill the competition.

Wild BLUE Yonder O feet O inches (That's okay, though, because TEAM BLUE broke the existing world record for live shots and show production. And, of course, TEAM BLUE, did it without a last-minute power-failure. Hmmm!!!! Always helps to have a dual plant generator available.

From ABC News Red Bus producer Laiea Smith:

"Not Drew… Drew is not coming on this bus, is he?" --- Anonymous.

"You have real water on this bus, the White Bus has urine sample sizes." --- Drew Millhon upon his first visit to the Red Bus. Taking notes White Bus?

"You know HOW to record the show on the RED BUS?! When we asked the White Bus to roll on it, we ended up with a VHS of a bass fishing program." --- Dan Harris marveling at our tech savvy.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The New York Times' Eric Schmitt and Frank Bruni reports that Vice President Cheney met yesterday with the Pope, who in English said "I encourage you and your fellow citizens to work, at home and abroad, for the growth of international cooperation and solidarity in the service of that peace." LINK

Responding to questions from reporters yesterday, President Bush declined to say that weapons of mass destruction would be found in Iraq, but did say that Iraq was "a grave and gathering threat to America and the world." LINK

Twenty-three GOP congressmen sent a letter to President Bush yesterday warning him of an election year backlash from Republican constituents - if the President's guest worker program is implemented, the Washington Times reports. LINK

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