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One was from ousted campaign manager Jim Jordan to his incoming replacement, Mary Beth Cahill; the other was from departing communications spokesguy Robert Gibbs to the arriving Stephanie Cutter.

We generally try to be forward looking, but we feel these missives, read in light of January's events, are worth re-reading (and we remain proud that the Globe and Herald were never able to match our reporting!).

So, for those of you who want to go directly forward to Feb. 3, skip the next section. But for those who want to give Jordan and Gibbs their due for the advice -- and Cahill and Cutter and Co. THEIR due for executing it all brilliantly, we re-publish both memos below.

Sen. Kerry speaks in Boston and St.. Louis this afternoon.

Gov. Dean is in Burlington, Vt. today and has no public events, but lots of satellite interviews (3.5 hours worth!!).

Gen. Clark is in Oklahoma early this afternoon and New Mexico and Arizona later in the day.

Sen. Edwards is in South Carolina this morning, Oklahoma this afternoon, and Missouri this evening.

Sen. Lieberman and Rep. Kucinich are in Oklahoma today where they will both participate in the National Health Policy Council forum.

Rev. Sharpton is in St. Louis all day.

The Jordan and Gibbs memos:

TO: MBC FROM: JJ RE: Big Bad John

Congratulations -- you are inheriting a great national staff, a great Iowa staff, a great New Hampshire staff, and Judy Reardon's agita.

There ARE, however, some things to watch out for to make sure the machine continues to hum.

1. At the slightest provocation, particularly during live television interviews, The Candidate will throw the staff under the bus. For instance, I was once sacrificed on "Meet the Press" for some on-the-record criticism of HoHo that in retrospect reads in tone and substance like a Connie Morella press release compared to what The Candidate is now saying about Dean.

2. Make some sort of deal with a Boston-area milk company to get Michael Whouley's picture on cartons. We have to find the guy.

3. The Candidate is in Iowa today; may I suggest no custard stops?

4. The corollary of "Let The Spouse Be the Spouse" is "Let Chris Black Be Chris Black." You'll know what I mean shortly if you don't already.

5. I have no fu***** (REDACTED) idea what Cam is doing, but The Candidate seems to believe he is the second coming of Tad Devine.

6. Jeanne Shaheen seems smart, ruthless, and knowledgeable about how to win New Hampshire. But, then, I gather you two have been spending some time together lately, so you probably knew that.

7. If you can find a way to get the national political press corps to hold HoHo accountable for the things he says, more power to you. Most of them don't much like The Candidate, and don't cut him a break - ever. And I think there is a connection between those things.

8. You'll be tempted to ask the research shop to get you a memo on The Candidate's achievements in Congress. Save yourself some time and don't.

9. Often, we line up endorsements and come up with a plan about how to unveil them for maximum strategic effect. Remember: this works best if the endorsers don't just blurt out their support whenever they feel like it. Also, if you set up endorsement press conference calls, remind the endorsers not to trash the significance of their own endorsements.

10. Getting into Canada requires proper ID. (Actually, that one belongs on a different list - ignore it … .)

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