The Note

To make things more challenging, we have included three bogus elements that do not belong on the list.

Put those three at the bottom.

Send your entries to or In the Loop, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. Don't forget to include home and work telephone numbers.

As always, congressional and administration staffers may enter on background. Winners will receive a coveted In the Loop mug or T-shirt. Deadline is this Tuesday, Feb. 3.

Here, then, in random order, are the possibles:

The Valerie Plame investigation.

John Kerry.

Ed Chen.

Manufacturing job loses in the Rust Belt.

John Edwards.

A slowing economy (Out this morning: GDP grew at a 4 percent pace in the 4th quarter, below expectations.)

Yucca Mountain.

"Mission Accomplished."

Drug re-importation.

Ed Rendell and Jennifer Granholm.

Don Evans' angry resignation and cooperation with the next Ron Suskind tell-all book.

Ellen Malcolm.

David Kay.

George Soros.

Karl Rove's failure to take full advantage of the benefits of incumbency.

The deficit.

Conservative unhappiness over spending.

Operation Area Code.

Teresa Heinz's pricey and independent defense of her husband's honor.

The inadequacy of the research and video files at the RNC and BC04.

Howard Dean.

Steel fallout.

"Change" versus "more of the same."

Harold Ickes.

Jobs, jobs, jobs.

The Federal Election Commission.

Opening schools in Baghdad and closing them here in the United States.

The National Guard year(s).

The President's failure to maintain his staggering support among Republicans.

Dana and Mike.

Jason and Tracy and Mike.

Don't forget health care.


Fervent, constant, "bring it on" anti-Bush energy.

At 10 a.m. this morning, Roy Neel and other top Dean for America officials are expected to convene a staff meeting to discuss the potential for widespread changes to the campaign structure and function. We'll be waiting . . .

ABC News' Ramona Schindelheim reports that in the 4th quarter of 2003, the economy grew by 4 percent -- a lower rate than expected, particularly in light of the 8.2 percent growth of the 3rd quarter.

It's another day of no obvious news in the Democratic nomination battle, and no signs of dynamic altering ads or rhetoric.

Will the little rosebud of a Dean line of attack on Kerry actually blossom into something that matters? As they say in TV news -- only time will tell.

All candidates except Sen. Lieberman participate in the "People's Agenda for Economic Justice" forum sponsored by Community Change at 11 am ET in Columbia, S.C. The candidates will appear one at a time.

Following the forum, Sen. John Kerry goes to Delaware. On Saturday Kerry will be in Missouri and Oklahoma; on Monday he is in North Dakota and New Mexico; and on Monday he is in New Mexico and Arizona.

Gov. Dean goes to St. Louis and Albuquerque this afternoon. He travels to Arizona and Washington on Saturday and to Wisconsin and Michigan on Sunday.

Sen. Edwards and Rev. Sharpton remain in South Carolina all day. Sen. Edwards travels to New Mexico and Oklahoma tomorrow and returns to South Carolina to campaign on Sunday and Monday. Rev. Sharpton travels to Delaware tomorrow and returns to South Carolina on Sunday to campaign through the primary.

Gen. Clark goes to Tulsa, Santa Fe, and Tucson after the forum. On Sunday he travels to South Carolina and Oklahoma and on Monday he is in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Missouri.

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