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Sen. Lieberman is in Delaware all day.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich is in Arizona tonight. He is in New Mexico and Arizona through Feb. 3.

President Bush meets with economists and the NATO Secretary General today.

Chairman Gillespie, campaign manager Mehlman, and Chairman Sundheim and others speak at the RNC Winter Meeting today.

The South Carolina debate:

David Broder and John Harris lead on The Washington Post's front page with Dean's questioning Kerry about his achievements in the Senate and Kerry's response that if Dean knew Congress better he would know that much work is unsigned, calling it one of the "more energetic moments" in the well-mannered debate. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Jake Schlesinger Notes Dean's swipe at Kerry as well, and that it appears that attacking President Bush isn't enough anymore. "Mr. Dean's jab at the Massachusetts legislator highlighted the new message he plans to take into the next round of primaries," he writes.

Dan Balz writes that Kerry "may have become the front-runner in the Democratic presidential race at just the right moment" -- when his rivals (except Dean) aren't attacking him and he can focus on drawing a contrast with President Bush. LINK

The Washington Times' Brian DeBose leads with Kerry's statement that the Bush Administration has overstated the threats of terrorism. LINK

The Boston Globe's Anne Kornblut reports that Dean "seemed subdued" and that Kerry for the most part "gave no direct responses to Dean." LINK

The Boston Globe's Peter Canellos writes that Kerry was "only a little wet" after "his first debate in the frontrunner's dunking booth." LINK

The New York Times' Kit Seelye and David Halbfinger highlight the candidates' attacks on President Bush at last night's debate and Dean's questioning of Kerry. LINK

The New York Times takes excerpts from all the candidates. LINK

Joe Trippi, political strategist:

Exclusively, Deborah Norville managed to conduct an interview with Joe Trippi yesterday without asking about Kate O'Connor or Bob Rogan or budget authority or anything else.

Amusingly, MSNBC put up a picture of "Roy Neal."

Trippi cried twice. (Several in Burlington cried along with him as they watched it.)

Catch Trippi next on tonight's Hardball with Chris Matthews.

We spoke with Trippi last night. He's doing fine, he says, but needs a few days to decompress before he considers what to do next.

ABC 2004: The Democratic nomination fight:

Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times reports that Dean reverted to a "combative style he muted while campaigning in New Hampshire." LINK

If you listen to the former governor, current senator, and retired General, you might think that Sen. Kerry is the only politician in the nomination race. The Los Angeles Times' Rainey and Slater report on the collective approach to attack Kerry as the ultimate insider. LINK

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank and Tom Edsall report that due to an FEC ruling, "endorsement" ads for candidates that feature President Bush may become a thing of the past. LINK

USA Today's Andrea Stone reports on the state of the campaigns' funds, Noting that Kerry looks to be in the best shape. LINK

USA Today's Lawrence and Welch write that Dean "drew attention by raising questions about Kerry's effectiveness -- a role reversal from the days when Dean was the front-runner and taking punches from all his rivals, including Kerry." LINK

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