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Sensing the logistical catastrophe in waiting, national trip director Setti Warren stepped in to honor reservations, call out room assignments, and facilitate credit card transactions. Assuming their supervisor roles, communications director David Morehouse and traveling press secretary David Wade looked on, but failed to process a single Starwood Preferred Guest card.

The crisis seemingly past, the traveling press corps retired to their rooms. But, as many colleagues prepared for their non-Heavenly bed, they were interrupted by the alarming sound of a plastic key card slipping past the security lock, giving the green light to an open door. Having double and in some cases triple booked press corps rooms, the circumstance provided the quote of the night from an identity-protected-producer who later remarked, "I opened the door to my room and there was a naked man sleeping in my bed."

Fortunately, the overnight ordeal hardly affected the spirits of the Kerry press corps, which headed out Wednesday morning to officially witness Rep. Jim Clyburn's endorsement of Sen. Kerry. During a light-hearted exchange, Kerry commented on his dancing at Clyburn's famous fundraising fish fries. Clyburn quipped, "I wouldn't call that dancing if I were you."

The Massachusetts Senator shot back, "I thought, for a white guy, I showed some real rhythm. I guess...I'll have to take a few more lessons."

(Note Note: Bernie Goldberg will ask, "What if Trent Lott had said this?")

The Kerry campaign will release their first Spanish language ad, a 30 second spot airing only in Arizona and New Mexico. Although the narrator highlights Kerry's commitment to health care and education in Spanish, the candidate, whose wife speaks fluent Spanish, utters only one foreign language line: "Soy John Kerry y he aprobado este mensaje proque quiero devolver la esperanza a este pias." (Translation: "I'm John Kerry and I approved this message because I want to return hope to this [non-existent word].")

The Note suspects Kerry, who claims to be listening to Spanish language tapes in his rare spare time, means to restore hope to this country.

Three additional ads -- "The Good American," featuring a white Kerry swift boat mate; "Alston" featuring an African-American and South Carolinian Kerry swift boat mate; and "Corruption vs. Opportunity", a more generic head-to-camera appeal on tax fairness -- continue to play in statewide rotation in all of the Feb. 3 contests. Veteran appeal is key; the "The Good American" plays in North Dakota while "Alston" is running more regularly in South Carolina and Arizona.

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"Bubba Boosts John" ain't such a bad headline is it? LINK

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