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But we're betting that the broadcast media can focus on only one narrative at a time and the against-type imagery of an "all-'Nam" ticket on the Democratic side will get the attention.

What's more, members of the press will root for Kerry to pick Kerrey if for no other reason than the love of a good soundbite. Who can forget Kerrey calling Bill Clinton "an unusually good liar"? Or his equally boffo comment that Al Gore is an "unusually bad liar"?

Plus, we are suckers for "Waltzing Matilda."

And best of all, just imagine what the RNC research staff would do when they got their hands on the New School's coursebook. LINK

and LINK

Presidential debates:

Third-party candidates are suing the commission because they feel left out, the AP reports. LINK

The politics of the judiciary:

The Washington Post's Helen Dewar looks at the fire conservatives are directing at Sen. Hatch over his part in the investigation into allegations that Republican Judiciary Committee staffers improperly accessed Democrats' computer files and leaked the strategy memos on judicial nominations. LINK


The Washington Post's Ben White turns in an interesting read on the monthly "Monday Meeting" in New York, where conservatives gather off the record to talk message, money, and occasionally, as White Notes in the case of Sen. Arlen Specter, throw themselves on the group's mercy. LINK

Tim Russert talks to The Hill about his POTUS interview and who he wants next. LINK

"Tucker Eskew who resigned late last year as deputy assistant to the president and director of the White House Office of Global Communications, is opening his own shop next week: Eskew Strategy Group," writes the Washington Post's Judy Sarasohn. LINK

ABC 2004: The Campaign Bus Logs:

As the campaigns go national, so do our campaign buses. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at their daily logs.

From ABC News Red Bus producer Sean Smith, in Fairfax, Va.:

QUOTES OF THE DAY: "Can I see some I.D.?" -- TGIF bartender to Sean Smith (12-year ABC News veteran, and father of three, do the math and you can guess his age) after he ordered a beer.

"You are a kind man" -- Sean Smith to TGIF bartender

"You're having a New Hampshire kind of day" -- David Reiter to Sean Smith after learning that we have Kate Snow, Newsone (until 2 am ET), WJLA and Radio all using the bus to cover the Virginia Primary results.

RUMORS FROM THE ROAD: In order to make Big Red as profitable as we can, we have made the decision to open up "Club Big Red." We have a velvet rope outside, which is manned by Super Agent Chevin, we have Uber Engineer OZ spinning vinyl in our VIP lounge at the back of the bus. Beth Loyd serves as hostess and Sean Smith is the GM. There has been intense interest in "Club Big Red" and its exclusivity as the ONLY club on wheels has made it THE place to be seen. We will be in Foggy Bottom Wednesday, and believe the turnout will be overwhelming. ABC employees are comped, everyone else ponies up 20 bucks.

From ABC News Blue Bus producer Matthew Frucci, in Nashville, Tenn..:

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: "I wish my life had a soundtrack." -- Unnamed bus producer

OBSERVATION OF THE DAY: We're beginning to think that the New York Times' R. W. Apple has gotten a hold of the Blue Bus's playbook. He ends up in every state we've been in at the exact same time. We'll be joining him Wisconsin on Wednesday.

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