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Deb Orin writes on Bill Clinton's Clark connection and figures how it harms his wife's presidential prospects. Our favorite blind quote re: the Clintons: "There's starting to be a real resentment." LINK

The Boston Globe's Mishra and Healy report on why both the Kerry and Edwards camps are downplaying the push for Kerry-Edwards '04. LINK

Cox News' Scott Shepard looks at Kerry-Edwards pros and cons. LINK

The AP's Elizabeth Wolfe reports that Sharpton and Kucinich aren't going anywhere in more ways than one. LINK

The Orlando Sentinel's Mark Silva thinks things are getting fast and furious now. LINK

Tyler Whitley of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reflects on Kerry's win in Virginia Tuesday, Noting the comments of Brian Moran, who said Kerry's electability in Virginia in November against Bush is highly questionable. LINK


Scott Milfred at the Wisconsin State Journal reports on John Edwards taking his tale of "Two Americas" and job losses to Janesville, Wis., yesterday. LINK

Edwards tells WBAY Green Bay that it's a "two man race." LINK

WISC Madison interviews a teacher on No Child Left Behind, "One of the things they say all children should learn is data in graphs, and I never taught that before." LINK

Joel Rogers at the Capital Times opines that the state's progressives should naturally support Edwards. LINK

Craig Gilbert with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Edwards thinks he can come back in Wisconsin using his successful Iowa message and Kerry's two-day absence. LINK

David Callender at the Capital Times Notes the numerical effect the withdrawn AFSCME endorsement has: AFSCME has 66,000 members in Wisconsin, compared to SEIU's 12,000. LINK

Graeme Zielinski from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Notes Dean's statement on Kerry's "politically corrupt fundraising" and connections to rebuked ex-Sen. Torricelli. LINK

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel announced that Kerry became the final candidate to commit to their debate. LINK

More on the debate: LINK


In an interview Kerry gave to the student newspaper at Harvard 34 years ago, he suggested that he would cede authority over the military to the United Nations and rein in, or perhaps eliminate, the CIA, write Sheryl Gay Stolberg of the New York Times. We bet Tim Griffin in particular enjoys this one! LINK

The Los Angeles Times on the Vietnam War-era photo of Kerry and Jane Fonda, and the hay conservatives would like to make of it. LINK

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Fonda denies she and Kerry never even "shook hands" at the rally in which the two were photographed. LINK

The New York Times' Todd Purdum writes that Kerry and his party may have more to gain at this time by having the Senator's competitors stay in the race rather than be left without them. Writes Purdum, "so long as Mr. Kerry faces even nominal intramural opposition, President Bush's advisers worry that they will have a harder time getting equal attention for their political message, and Mr. Kerry's rivals seem to keep undercutting each other, not him. LINK

Kerry pollster Mark Mellman appeared on CNN's "American Morning" and said that people who are commenting on Bush's National Guard record "are not people who are affiliated with our campaign" though he acknowledged that the people making such comments might be supporting Kerry's campaign.

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