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On the ground traveling with The General, one staffer learned he wouldn't be paid this week when press broke the news to him. Another staffer in the traveling band joked, "I guess Little Rock didn't get our absentee ballots."

As for the look of the Clark campaign -- well, Clark's physical look has changed. It seems Mrs. Clark, who is back on the road with her husband, has been helping him dress for success. Besides sporting a new hairstyle (a little less comb-over and messed; a little more volume and styled), his blue-collared shirt was a little more open around the neck and he looked a bit more casual.

On Wednesday, Clark bought ad time on TV and radio in Tennessee for $133,000 to air "Secretary." The campaign is said to be looking into buys in Virginia too, but will not go up in Michigan. Prior to Feb. 3, the Clark campaign had heavy ad rotations in Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The campaign is unsure as to what time they will re-buy in Wisconsin.

And the Clark campaign has a new fundraising bat (or train in this case) on their Web site to raise $700,000 by midnight, Feb. 11 -- or "$700,000 in 7 days." As of last night, the campaign raised $256,398. Since the apparent win in Oklahoma yesterday, one campaign source claims to ABC News that the campaign has raised over $150,000 on Internet alone; with phone and some mail, the campaign claims to have raised over $250,000 in the 24 hours since Oklahoma.

Read more from the trail with Clark on LINK


Al Sharpton was "stunned" by his South Carolina showing, reports the New York Times' Slackman, and may lose influence at home because of it. LINK

Read more from the trail with Sharpton on LINK


The New York Times' Diane Cardwell on the Lieberman campaign's hometown end. LINK

David Lightman of the Hartford Courant eulogizes Sen. Joe Lieberman's presidential bid. LINK

The Wall Street Journal editorial page admires Joe Lieberman. In Roll Call, Mort Kondracke thinks that it's a shame for Joe Lieberman that the political spectrum no longer has a center.

The land of 5-plus-2-equals-7:

We bet a good time was had by all last night at the we-bet-some-think-aptly-named New York Society for Ethical Culture when the Ickes-Malcolm-Rosenthal All-Star Trio met Gotham stars to talk about "what it will take to prevent the advancement of the current right-wing agenda and help Democrats win" in a presentation organized by America Coming Together and the Media Fund.

After the pre-event press conference, actor/writer Larry David and writer Eric Alterman engaged in animated conversation, producing a concentration of misanthropy not seen since Moliere's Alceste first took the stage.

Also on the horizon, the folks at Shirley & Banister tell us their own hearty line-up of Frank Donatelli, George Terwilliger and Craig Shirley of the newly formed Americans for a Better Country will be on hand when the FEC holds hearings on the group's Advisory Opinion request this morning.

We'll be watching closely. Commissioners will decide whether to use federal election activities as the "benchmark," (the phrase is lawyer James Bopp's) for determining the extent to which certain fundraising and spending laws should apply to advocacy groups set up as 527s that refer to federal candidates. Basic question: when is a 527 a bonafide political committee?

Here's the agenda: LINK

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