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"I have voted dozens of times for veterans. I am the person who co-sponsored legislation in the Senate to give veterans exactly the same healthcare that members of the United State Senate get," he said. A wince of annoyance. "I have consistently supported veterans." He leans into the press corps just slightly and shakes his head. "General Clark knows that."

ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deb Apton tells us:

On Saturday, the campaign has eight campaign stops in Virginia and one in Tennessee. Then on Sunday, Clark will visit African American churches in Tennessee, fly to Wisconsin and end up back in Tennessee. Clark's message has become more religious-he proved in a press availability that he did have a favorite scripture, John 3:16, and could easily recite it-his message has gone more in depth into his fighting in Vietnam, and his attacks against John Kerry and John Edwards have become more pointed-so much so, that Edwards spent the Saturday defending himself against the claims by Clark that Edwards has voted against veterans benefits.

The Clark campaign has only bought radio and television ad time in Tennessee. On television, "Secretary" still airs. And on radio, Ambassador Andrew Young's ad, "Vote," runs in rotation with "Jobs." And on Saturday, a new radio ad by country music singer George Jones will begin running.


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