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Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

—2:30 am: Gen. Wesley Clark testifies in the trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic —9:30 am: President Bush signs the CAN-SPAM Act, The White House —9:45 am: Off-camera press gaggle with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan —11:00 am: Sen. John Kerry gives a major foreign policy speech at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa —11:00 am: Rev. Al Sharpton receives formal endorsements from New York Reps. Jose Serrano and Ed Towns and speaks about Saddam Hussein's capture at City Hall, New York City —11:30 am.: Sen. Joe Lieberman gives a major speech about the economy and foreign policy at Electropac Co. Inc., Manchester, N.H. —12:30 pm: On-camera press briefing with White House Press Secretary McClellan —12:30 pm: Gov. Howard Dean speaks at a rally, Sun City, Ariz. —1:05 pm: President Bush signs four bills and participates in photo opportunities for African-American history, veterans, aviation, and hometown heroes, The White House —1:50 pm: President Bush signs the American Dream Downpayment Act, HUD Building, D.C. —2:30 pm: Rep. Dennis Kucinich speaks to the San Francisco Bar Association, San Francisco —3:30 pm: Amb. Carol Moseley Braun appears on CNN's "Inside Politics" —4:00 pm: Gov. Dean speaks at a rally, Yuma, Ariz. —5:15 pm: President and Mrs. Bush attend the Diplomatic Corps Holiday at the Blair House, D.C. —6:00 pm: Sen. Lieberman visits diners at Martha's Exchange restaurant, Nashua, N.H. —6:40 pm: Gov. Dean attends a rally, Sierra Vista, Ariz. —8:00 pm: President Bush is interviewed by ABCNEWS' Diane Sawyer on a special edition of Primetime —9:00 pm: Rep. Kucinich attends a fundraiser and forum with Rep. Lynn Woolsey at Dominican University, San Rafael, Calif. —9:25 pm: Gov. Dean attends a rally, Las Cruces, N.M. —9:45 pm: Gen. Clark is greeted by Kosovar Albanians at Logan Airport, Boston


Diane Sawyer's world exclusive interview with President Bush — the timing of which is described by the New York Post as akin to winning the lottery — will be previewed on World News Tonight and shown in full on the ABC television network at 8 pm ET this very day.

At ABC News, we don't just wait for luck to fall in our collective laps, however — we go out and make it happen.

So while you sit back and wait for this big time, primetime Primetime event — starting in less than 12 hours!! — you can occupy yourselves with the political world's new favorite spectator sport: watching to see if the Democrats Not Named "Dean" can use the capture of Saddam Hussein to topple a man they see as nearly as despotic and illegitimate as the former Iraqi strongman.

Today, Senators Kerry and Lieberman plan foreign policy addresses that seem more about continuing to try to dislodge Dean as they are about laying out their own visions.

While the questions being raised are intended to go to Dean's judgment, experience, and general election viability, it's not clear how this group gang-up (along with Clark, Edwards, and Gephardt) is going so far.

But you can bet that they are watching things closely in Burlington, where they feign disdain as a matter of course.

In some ways, the most frontal assault on Dean's foreign policy creds is coming from the shadows.

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