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But it's not just in New Hampshire that Clark wants to talk about New Hampshire. It's in Virginia, Florida, and D.C. too.

Yesterday in Norfolk, Va., Clark spoke to a small group of supporters who followed him to a veteran's cemetery where he laid a wreath to honor those killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor. One woman told Clark how she drove to Norfolk from Richmond just to see him.

Read more from the trail with Clark on LINK


John Wagner of the Raleigh News & Observer looks at Senator Edwards' Iraq votes — one authorizing the war, one denying the $87 billion supplemental — and how it's playing on the road. That second vote, on the losing side, has helped change the tenor of discussion about Iraq at Edwards' campaign stops, and allows him to distance himself from the president and try to appeal to voters who strongly identify with Howard Dean's anti-war stance. LINK

Edwards pens an article for Newsweek calling civil juries "democracy in action." LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

Edwards' arrival experience in the Magic Kingdom this weekend had his traveling staff laughing out loud. Edwards was Pelosi'd. As in Alexandra Pelosi.

This is not a bad thing since Pelosi is gathering tape to make a big HBO movie with groovy video and those unguarded moments that made "Journeys With George" special. You'd worry if you were running for president and Pelosi walked right by you while you had half a ham sandwich in one hand and a Dean voodoo doll in the other.

Edwards had neither; he simply made his way from his car to a private event in a hotel room. And Pelosi was there for the entire walk, at his side camera in hand and attempting to engage Edwards in some laid-back off-the-cuff conversation.

"What do you think of the Magic Kingdom?" Pelosi yelled above the chanting, "Edwards! Edwards!" behind him. "I can't hear you!!" Edwards looked like he was leaning in to try to hear her, a big grin on his face. Pelosi tried a few more times over the chanting, but Edwards continued to smile, say things like, "Oh, it's great! I'm sorry, what?"

Afterwards Pelosi laughed over the exchange but said she really didn't think she got anything great. Although the Senator had been entirely cordial, and may not have known on immediate sight that the woman smiling and yelling at him was the one currently under contract to HBO to do just that. She could have been one of the omni-present Dean staffers tracking Edwards in Iowa last week.

But it does shows that this is a candidate who does not drop his guard or his character for a moment. He will smile and give you an answer, but he is not going to eat crackers with his mouth open or dispense life advice.

Read more from the trail with Edwards on LINK


The New York Times goes A1 with a Lieberman profile, calling him a centrist fighting for votes in an extremist era. LINK

David Lightman reports on Senator Lieberman's Florida speech and observes that the nomination may be tied up before its March 9 primary, when Lieberman could potentially cash in on his bond with the state. LINK

AP's Brendan Farrington heard the speech too. LINK

Paul Farhi of the Washington Post chronicles Lieberman's battle with the entertainment industry. LINK

From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

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