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Senator Lieberman's Sunday morning address to the Florida Democratic Convention was reminiscent of the South Carolina sermons Lieberman hears so often when he visits the state.

The audience roared when Lieberman said of the recount, "We got mad didn't we? Now, let's get even!"

A pledge that generally receives a tepid response on the trail, Lieberman's vow to end restrictions on stem cell research when he takes office, received a standing ovation.

Rousing as it was, the sermon, complete with an amen corner, is likely to be left in Florida. Senator Lieberman resists using anger over the Florida 2000 recount as a tool on the campaign trail. He tells crowds that "life is about second chances" and that "America needs a fresh start."

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The AP covers Kucinich's fundraiser in New York Sunday and his visit to the Waterloo area on Friday: LINK and LINK

The Plain Dealer says Kucinich isn't threatened by Nader's possible run and has Nader bashing the Democrats (surprise!) over their handling of the 2000 election: "The Democrats should stop their chronic whining, look at themselves first and foremost, and go after the thieves and blunderers." LINK

Turns out the hacker who "bombed" Google by linking the words "miserable failure" to the White House Web page actually prefers Kucinich to Gephardt: LINK

From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

At the Florida convention Saturday, Kucinich had the dubious distinction of not only being the last speaker at an all-day event running an hour and a half late, but also following a rousing speech by Howard Dean. Like a rock concert audience after the stadium lights have finally come up and the encores have finished, the crowd (and the media) filed out in droves as soon as Dean had left the room.

The crowd that was left, about a fourth of the original size and full of Kucinich supporters and several attendees wearing Dean T-shirts, gave him a raucous and excited reception. The Kucinitzens stood out as usual as the most creatively dressed supporters at these group events (well, Howard Dean's scrub-wearing fans may have beat them this time). Many sported brightly colored feather boas and cut-out paper masks with Kucinich's likeness on them, and one excitedly clanged away on a washboard with Kucinich' picture on top.

Read more from the trail with Kucinich on LINK


Newsday's Noel Holston wasn't impressed by SNL's writing. LINK

From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

After an intense evening of live television and SNL after-parties, it was time for Rev. Sharpton to join the celebration of the Godfather of Soul. In an attempt to avoid airport delays and make it to Washington on time for the Kennedy Center Honors, Sharpton, entourage in tow, decided to take the train. Caroline Kennedy had the same idea.

Just south of Trenton, N.J., there was a bit of a problem. An unidentified bird flew into the engine of the train, subsequently destroying the engine … and the bird.

They were stranded.

"Not so fast," said the Reverend, who then, acting as the mouthpiece of the dignitaries on board, insisted on another train. So, the Reverend and his crew, Caroline Kennedy and her entourage, the other first class passengers, and one very slick 20/20 producer boarded the "rescue train" as it pulled alongside.

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