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The Des Moines Register 's Kathie Obradovich reports on what's going on with Dean's pledge to raise money for Rep. Boswell. LINK

Michael Blood reports in the New York Daily News that Howard Dean is doing very well with New York Democrats. However, Blood stresses that Senator Clinton is still "on the fence." "Clinton is said to be fearful that Dean is too dovish to take on President Bush," writes Blood. LINK

Former Illinois Senator Paul Simon's endorsement — from his hospital bed awaiting open-heart surgery — could be read as by some as a slap at Moseley Braun and Gephardt, writes John McCormick of the Chicago Tribune. LINK

The Chicago Sun Times reports that Jesse Jackson, Jr. will travel to Columbia, S.C. on Sunday to make his "official" endorsement of Howard Dean.

"Jackson was born in South Carolina, and his appearance for Dean is likely to trigger another round of musings about the relationship between Dem candidate Al Sharpton and the Jacksons." LINK

Charles Krauthammer thinks The Doctor is delusional. LINK

Read more from the trail with Dean on LINK


The folks up in New Hampshire (yes, The Note is excited to see you too!) Note today that Rep. Gephardt has been a little neglectful of them … though they are kind enough to be sympathetic to his needs to be in Iowa. LINK

From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

"I've got South Carolina on my mind Remembering all those sunshine Summertimes, And the Autumns in the Smokies when the leaves turn to gold Touches my heart and thrills my soul to have South Carolina on my mind" --from the state song written by Hank Martin and Buzz Arledge

Rep. Gephardt went up with his first ad in the Palmetto State on Thursday. The 30-second bio, entitled "Struggle," is now running in Iowa and is likely to go up in other early primary states after campaign coffers are fattened up with federal funds after the New Year.

While Gephardt's next campaign trip to South Carolina is more than a week away, they are gearing up for big news there — the long-awaited endorsement from Rep. Jim Clyburn.

Two campaign sources told ABC News that a Clyburn endorsement for Gephardt is all but certain and is likely to be announced next weekend as the campaign embarks on a state-wide bus tour. While he has not been leading there in the polls, even placing behind Rev. Sharpton in one poll, an endorsement from one of the most influential politicians in the state will likely be a huge boost. Also looking good for Gephardt is the lack of the Howard Dean factor, since Dean has been focusing his time and money in other early primary states.

Read more from the trail with Gephardt on LINK


The Washington Post 's Dan Balz reports, "If [Kerry] was looking for a sign that he has turned around his struggling presidential campaign, he got the opposite in New Hampshire on Thursday." LINK

The New York Post 's Deborah Orin sees a whole lot of trouble for Senator Kerry in the ARG and Zogby poll numbers out of New Hampshire. LINK

As does the Boston Herald's David Guarino. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Patrick Healy reports on the Kerry campaign's fundraising tactics and how they aim to tap his rivals' donors. LINK

Healy puts a pretty positive spin on the Kerry fundraising machine.

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