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In a small "Inside the Beltway" snippet, the Washington Times acknowledges that Senator John Edwards — '60s flashback style — wants the Senate Judiciary Committee to investigate possible FBI surveillance of antiwar demonstrators. LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

John Edwards made his fifth campaign visit to New Mexico Thursday, talking about job loss and health care to a crowd of approximately 65 after a day that started in Iowa as he reached his goal of visiting all 90 of Iowa's counties.

The Senator was asked directly what he made of the fact that both Lieberman and Kerry missed the vote on Medicare. Ever a seeker of the peace, Edwards pointed out that Kerry had participated in the debate but campaign obligations demand a lot from one person, so he understood how a candidate could miss a vote.

A new anti-Bush line emerged in Santa Fe, as Edwards was discussing how he would take on Bush.

"When they come out to hit us," he said, "We have to make sure they come back missing a hand."

Read more from the trail with Edwards on LINK


David Lightman of the Hartford Courant takes a good long look at how New Hampshire independent voters are responding to Senator Lieberman's candidacy since the Senator seems to be putting a lot of his eggs into their basket. LINK

"Dick Bennett, the research group president, didn't think much of Lieberman's strategy. 'He's saying what a losing candidate always says, that he can get the independents,' Bennett said."

"He and other pollsters note that candidates who are generally favored by undeclared voters usually win with voters in their own parties, then pad their margins with the independents. McCain, for instance, beat George W. Bush by 8 percentage points among Republicans, but 42 points among undeclareds."

The Washington Post 's Jonathan Finer has a tough look at Lieberman's Granite State status, including one really telling paragraph: "And some said [Lieberman's] low-energy disposition may explain why his campaign has yet to take off. 'I like his views, but I like the way Dean excites a room,' said David Wagner, a Dartmouth graduate student." LINK

Today the Miami Herald Notes a major issues facing Senator Joseph Lieberman's campaign: despite how close the Gore/Lieberman ticket came in the fateful state of Florida, Gov. Howard Dean and Gen. Wesley Clark are closing in on all of his footholds. LINK

Read more from the trail with Lieberman on LINK


The AP's Hoffman covers Kucinich's day in Michigan, and has Kucinich trying to turn Nader's potential run into a reason to nominate him: "It makes it inevitable that the Democrats will have to nominate someone who has the ability to attract the Greens. And I do. This is the argument why I should be the nominee of the party." LINK

The San Antonio Current's Wolff also tackles the Nader/Kucinich conundrum: "Dennis Kucinich's candidacy has also stolen some of the fire from a third party candidacy. Mahajan says it's probably the main reason Nader has not yet decided to run. 'In some ways,' Mahajan argues, 'Kucinich looks better than Nader, especially when it comes to the war in Iraq.'" LINK

From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

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