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The president and Jordan's King Abdullah talked Middle East peace Thursday, with the president confirming "that despite Israeli objections, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell would meet on Friday with self-appointed Palestinian and Israeli negotiators who have worked out an unofficial peace agreement announced in Geneva this week." LINK

The St. Petersburg Times reports its poll shows "Florida voters have a nuanced view of Iraq. Fifty-six percent said the president had made the United States safer from another terrorist attack, and nearly two-thirds rejected comparisons between Iraq and Vietnam. But nearly 70 percent of voters said Bush has not clearly explained how long American troops will have to remain in Iraq, and 55 percent said the current level of casualties there are unacceptable for achieving U.S. goals." LINK

Do see the Clark section for the New York Times ' take on The General's detail-free Iraq plan. Joe Lieberman picked up on the story this morning on Imus and we bet he won't be the only one …

The New York Times reports Max Cleland is expected to leave the commission investigating the attacks of Sept. 11, a development that "has created concern among victims' family groups, because Mr. Cleland has been one of the commission's most outspoken members and has joined with advocates for the families in their criticism of the Bush administration." LINK

Re-map flap:

Good morning, you liberals who now understand what gerrymandering is all about, writes the Wall Street Journal 's editorial board. Welcome to the party.

Politics: We're not at the point of a section called "The politics of air traffic control" yet, but here's Dana Milbank's take on the latest reports on what happened with London Tower on Thanksgiving. LINK

Duf Sundheim's fundraising has become a little easier now that Arnold Schwarzenegger is governor. LINK

Former Rep. Bob Dornan plans to mount a primary challenge against Rep. Dana Rohrabacher. LINK

According to his attorneys, the fate of Rep. Bill Janklow may now rest on whether jurors in his manslaughter trial believe that he left Minervas restaurant without eating an Eye Opener breakfast, reports the Chicago Tribune. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's John Kass writes that there are now 800,000 ways to prove that Illinois is a one-party state. LINK


The "Re-Leiby" Source?

Not our joke, we swear. The Washington Post has at long last selected its new Reliable Source: Richard Leiby of the Style section.

A 12-year veteran of the Post , Leiby has covered the FBI for the National section, written for Outlook and did a great stint in Kuwait and Iraq this year. And how many journalists can say they've profiled both Mrs. Wilson and Elvis Costello? Watching the detectives, indeed.

"It's a big change for me," Leiby told The Note. "It's a totally different thing, and change is good for a middle-aged hack."

We are delighted to report that the glorious Anne Schroeder will continue to work on the column.

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