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Gov. Dean discusses the economy and rural American in Iowa today. He addresses the Florida Democratic Party tomorrow and campaigns with Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. in South Carolina on Sunday.

Gen. Clark meets with supporters in Tennessee this morning. He attends the Florida convention tomorrow and campaigns in Virginia on Sunday morning.

Senator Lieberman receives endorsements in the Bronx this morning and attends the Florida convention on Sunday morning.

Senator Kerry campaigns in New Hampshire today, speaks to the Florida Democratic Party tomorrow and attends fundraisers in California on Sunday.

Rep. Gephardt, Senator Edwards, Rev. Sharpton, and Ambassador Moseley Braun have no public events today.

Rep. Kucinich campaigns in Iowa today. He attends the Florida convention tomorrow and campaigns in New York on Saturday.

Rep. Gephardt attends the Florida convention and holds a press conference with the Ohio steelworkers union tomorrow and campaigns in Iowa on Sunday.

Senator Edwards attends the Florida convention tomorrow and has no public events on Sunday.

Rev. Sharpton hosts "Saturday Night Live" this weekend and is in South Carolina and Washington, D.C. on Sunday.

Ambassador Moseley Braun will not attend the Florida Democratic Party Convention and has no public events this weekend.

She is a woman who is taking Durham prep VERY seriously.

The Dust-up in Durham:

As the excitement over the Dust-up in Durham builds to a fever pitch so high it could ("will," actually) melt snow, it's time to remind you again:

Highlights of the debate will air next Tuesday night on a special, one-hour edition of Nightline.

In addition, the debate will air live on monster powerhouse WMUR and on Brian Lamb's gift to the world (C-SPAN, which will have special coverage of the Dust-up before and after the 7 pm ET event).

Additional coverage can be found on ABC News Live (streaming video like you wouldn't believe) and ABC News Radio.

Today at 11:30 am ET, ABC News and WMUR will hold a press conference call for our colleagues in the media to go over the logistics, format, and other details of the debate.

If you are a fully credentialed member of the media (No, Jim Dyke, people on your staff don't count simply because they blog and write phony letters to the editor … ), send an e-mail to to receive the dial-in information.

The call will feature Nightline's legendary Executive Producer Leroy Sievers, WMUR General Manager Jeff Bartlett, and ABC News' Political Director, whose name escapes us.

Ten-year New Hampshire resident and former Orangeman, Scott Spradling of WMUR, is preparing for Tuesday's big Dust-up in Durham, but he was kind enough to carve out a few minutes to chat exclusively with The Note.

Spradling with join ABC News' Ted Koppel in questioning the candidates.

New Hampshire tips from Scott to his colleagues who are about to descend en masse into the Granite State:

1. Wear layers.

2. If you want to see a candidate within 15 minutes of any given time, go to the Merrimack Restaurant.

3. Keep an eye on local supporters. You don't always get your best stories from the candidates' mouths.

Spradling fully expects Granite Staters to tune in. "Given the number of undecided voters in New Hampshire who say they are going to go to the polls, I think you are going to see a lot of people very interested in what this debate looks like and what these nine people look like," he said.

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