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1. In some editions of Monday's Note clip 'n' save, we cited a list of political factors that will be key over the next few weeks, and in the third paragraph we wrote this:

"In parentheses after each item, we list those people who should be Noting more carefully what's going on out there; in brackets are those who are already paying quite a bit of attention."

Seemed pretty straight-forward to us.

But not since the Jim Jordan memo have we had such a clear and chilling window into the, uhm, reading comprehension abilities of at least some of our readers.

Apparently, this part caused a mini-stir:

"Watch the quiet (and not so quiet) battle between those Democratic elected officials/super delegates who move towards public support of Howard Dean and those who implicitly or explicitly join the Stop Dean movement."

"John Breaux's shot across the Burlington bow on "This Week" yesterday was not the first time you will hear anti-Dean boogeyman stuff like that, and Gina Glantz isn't the last person getting on the Dean bandwagon. — in fact, some intriguing B-I-G names have already secretly signed up. (Daschle; Teresa Vilmain; Steve Rosenthal) [Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman, Tom Davis, Tom Reynolds]"

Did this mean that Daschle, Vilmain, and Rosenthal are secretly supporting Dean? NO. It meant that they should be paying more attention than they are to the people who ARE secretly signed up and what it might mean to them.



2. Another mistake that The Note made yesterday wasn't severe enough to cause chaos in the Democratic Party or a rupture in the space-time continuum, but it did damage our comedic flux capacitors enough that we must correct ourselves.

Thanks go to Jeremy Cluchey, a fellow at the Partnership for Public Service in D.C., for pointing out to us that it was in fact George McFly, and not Marty McFly, who had the "destiny" line in the original "Back to the Future."


3. Also yesterday, we cited an opinion piece in the Yale Daily News by student Zach Jones about Howard Dean's alleged vulnerabilities as a general election candidate.

First off, we spelled Zach Jones' given name wrong.

Second, although Rush Limbaugh, in citing Jones and The Note, claimed that Jones is a supporter of Dean, Jones is in fact a leader for the Kerry campaign on the quaint New Haven campus, a fact we did not know and failed to Note but do so now.

However, in an exclusive e-mail interview, Jones (whose 15 minutes of fame is far from over, since Rush will almost certainly talk about him again today … .) tells us:

" … (P)lease be aware that I did not write the piece at the behest or with the permission of the campaign, and did not inform anyone at the campaign of my intentions to write the piece. I wrote purely in my capacity as an independent contributing columnist to the YDN and as a concerned Democrat."


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