The Note

NECK GEAR: Scarves or neck warmers will do the trick, as you can wrap them around your face as well. Just keep tissues in your pocket for the inevitable runny nose.

GENERAL NOTES: Water, enemy #1 during winter, can appear in the form of snow, sleet, or rain, or generated by your body as perspiration. While high-wicking fabrics will help move moisture to the outer parts of your clothing, there are a few things you can do to help. One is to follow the practice of layering, and the other is "venting" … sounds kind of fancy, but really just means zipping and unzipping your jacket as necessary.

The economy:

William Safire warns of our "animal spirits" and argues for some sobriety, writing, "If the market keeps going up and the 'wealth effect' further boosts consumer confidence, if economic figures continue to dance with Rosie Scenario, and if government mindlessly continues to stimulate with heavy domestic spending an economy that no longer needs stimulation — then all bets on the coming boom are off." LINK

Boosted by steep discounts, American automakers report sales higher than anticipated in November, the Wall Street Journal 's Karen Lundegaard reports. And they're looking at reports of economic improvement as a sign that they can raise prices next year. Luxury cars, SUVs and pickup trucks were the most popular sellers, comprising just over 55 percent of vehicles sold in November.

ABC News Vote 2004: The Invisible Primary:

AP's Ron Fournier reports on the daunting seven-state challenge for Democratic contenders in 2004, and that there is, in fact, life after Iowa and New Hampshire. LINK

The Boston Globe 's Robert Kuttner surveys the scene on both sides, Noting that it's a "race against the clock" for all interested parties. LINK

The Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman looks at the importance of the grassroots movement to the Democratic hopefuls. LINK

The Washington Post 's Linton Weeks gives a Seussian run through of all of the candidate books that have come out so far. LINK

Rush and Molloy dish up which Hollywood celebs are backing which Democratic candidates. LINK

The land of 5-plus-2-equals-7:

The Los Angeles Times' Ron Brownstein (along with colleague Anne-Marie O'Connor) is still dining out on his bread and butter of the fact that Hollywood has always tried to mix showbizness with politics, with a great chronicle of yesterday's big meeting among Harold Ickes, Ellen Malcolm, and celebrities of all stripes who hate the president's policies. LINK

And they use it as a peg to look at the role of outside groups in general this cycle. A must-read.

ABC News' Gayle Tzemach reports the New Democrat Network is set to go up Thursday with two new Spanish language ads on Spanish language stations in Orlando and Las Vegas Thursday. The "saturation-level" buy is said to break the $100,000 mark.

One script, just to give you a taste:

Cuando quiso llegar a la Casa Blanca, George Bush prometió ser amigo de la comunidad latina y hacer lo mejor por nuestros niños.

(When he wanted to reach the White House, George Bush promised to be a friend of the Latino community and do what's best for our children.)

Pero como Presidente, no ha cumplido sus promesas.

(But as President, he has not kept his promises.)

Nos prometió invertir 18 mil millones de dolares en las escuelas mas pobres.

(He promised us he would invest 18 billion dollars for the poorest schools.)

Pero ahora quiere gastar miles de millones menos.

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