The Note

(But now he wants to spend billions less.)

Escríbale a la Casa Blanca y dígale al Presidente que los amigos cumplen su palabra.

(Write the White House and tell the president that friends keep their word.)

Presidente Bush, ¿por qué ha roto su promesa?

Note that the New Dems vow this is just the start of a "permanent campaign" for the Hearts and Minds of Hispanic voters that will be "robust" throughout the cycle.

The Orlando Sentinel looks at the new NDN spots through the lens of the Battle for Central Florida. LINK

Meanwhile intrepidly following up on our own reporting, we Note that and pollster-to-the-stars Stan Greenberg will host a conference call this morning unveiling the group's latest ad tackling President Bush for the $87 billion Iraq supplemental.


Will he or won't he?

Following up on her own reporting, Jodi Wilgoren reports Dean may indeed unseal his own gubernatorial records. LINK

The Washington Post 's Dan Balz and Mike Allen report on Dean's decision to look into maybe unsealing the gubernatorial records if that's possible. LINK

Walter Shapiro has an extraordinary column (even for him) in which he declares, "Dean seems in many ways to be the first Teflon-coated Democrat." LINK

The Boston Globe has a trio of Dean stories today: McNamara has a first-hand account of a Dean rally LINK; Mooney Notes how Kerry and Gephardt "are scrambling for funds in an effort to avoid being overwhelmed" by Dean LINK; and Lehigh writes (somewhat miffed) about how Dean is on track to bust the state spending caps in Iowa. LINK.

The Des Moines Register 's Tom Beaumont reports that Dean's plan to help Rep. Boswell has no strings attached. "The presidential candidate says he does not expect the Iowan to endorse him." LINK

Des Moines Register columnist Rekha Basu thinks that what Dean has done in this campaign is "nothing short of remarkable." LINK

Slate's Saletan writes of Dean's recent attacks on the president's national security policy. "Democrats learned the hard way that when it comes to politics, if not war, Bush has no shame and takes no prisoners. Now Republicans will learn the same about Dean." LINK

On the Wall Street Journal 's editorial page, Michael O'Hanlon attacks Dean's Iraq position and finds "they may spell big political trouble for the governor come next summer and fall, should he be the Democratic nominee at that point."

As for us, we love any piece that contains the sentence, "This position does not hold water."

We guarantee this one will be read by Democratic opponents and RNC Oppo Shop-pers alike, although, again, O'Hanlon hurts himself with some weak moments.

The New York Observer's Ben Smith explores Howard Dean's youthful days in New York City and chatted with 12 of his 21 classmates from The Browning School. LINK

"It could be that Dr. Dean, whose campaign has been fueled by clever organizing, clear ideas and pure anger, doesn't need a story. Particularly if the story-of old money and WASP values-doesn't particularly fit the insurgent image. Still, it's striking to see how little he makes of his New York roots."

Read more from the trail with Dean on LINK


The ever-prolific Fournier reports that Kerry is now vowing to reverse President Bush's foreign policies, outlining new plans to stem "a widespread and widening network of terrorists." LINK

The Boston Herald's Ellen Silberman has Kerry stumping at Boston University. LINK

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