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Rep. Kucinich enjoyed a warm welcome Saturday night as the only presidential candidate to speak to the controversial Council on American Islamic Relations in Tysons Corner, Va. The 1,100-odd crowd gave the Congressman standing ovations for his comments condemning the Iraq war and the Patriot Act, and for being the only candidate appearing in person to address the group, which has come under fire over rumors of possible ties to terrorist groups. Said the M.C. in his introduction to Kucinich's keynote speech, "General Clark sent CAIR a letter, but we see who's actually here in person to talk to you." And in a signal that Arabic may be the new Spanglish for politicians wooing the ethnic group, Kucinich started his speech with greetings in Arabic and was received with hearty applause.

But outside the ballroom the praise was more muted, with attendees echoing the same refrains often heard at Kucinich events. A CAIR member listening to Kucinich's speech told ABC News, "People like him and think he's a straight shooter, but it's the age-old dilemma … .do you vote to make a statement or do you vote to win?"

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The Los Angeles Times' Jim Rainey profiles the Reverend, focusing on his effect on people — the good and the bad. LINK

The State highlights Sharpton's ways behind the pulpit at Brookland Baptist yesterday. LINK

The Cleveland Plain Dealer assesses Sharpton's chances in South Carolina, Noting that although the Feldman Group poll found Sharpton in second place, he comes in fourth in favorability ratings. LINK

The New York Post Notes Sharpton's appreciation for the finer things in life — specifically those five-star hotels. LINK

Sunday's New York Times takes a look back at politicians' performances on Saturday Night Live — and many of them dole out advice to the Reverend. Ed Koch said, "I'd like to see that huge medallion that you used to wear, but on your new sleek clothing." Ralph Nader "warned against participating in any dirty jokes." LINK

The New York Times ' Janofsky gives Sharpton the award for "Least Illuminating Botanical Lesson." Apparently, Janofsky isn't a fan of the "You can't plant watermelon seeds and expect oranges" line. LINK

The Times Picayune writes-up Sharpton's address to the annual Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus brunch. LINK

Read more from the trail with Sharpton on LINK

New Hampshire:

The Washington Post 's Hanna Rosin writes about the challenges faced in courting New Hampshire. LINK


The Des Moines Register 's Ken Fuson profiles Winifred Skinner, one of many Iowans over the years whom candidates have used as examples of America's struggles. LINK

The Register's Rob Borsellino has some post-debate tidbits, including a report that Clark "supporters are trying to get their guy back into the Iowa race. They say he's got a fair amount of backing in this state, but the problem is doing such a big turnaround without looking ridiculous, particularly after Clark has earned a rep as a waffler." LINK

The New York Times sidebars the disappearing Iowa farmer. LINK

South Carolina:

The State reports that the Palmetto State's Democratic presidential primary will happen despite the state Democratic Party's financial woes and the unwillingness of Senator Hollings, Congressman Clyburn, or the DNC to help them out. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

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