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The New York Times ' business section runs a story on consumer confidence saying that perhaps "the biggest economic challenge to President Bush arises from the economy that Americans have enjoyed since the early 1990's." LINK

USA Today 's Lorrie Grant reports, "Heavy purchases of cameras, toys, clothes and more ignited the holiday shopping season over the weekend and bolstered projections for it to be the best in five years." LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

According to Senator McCain, Congress is "spending money like a drunken sailor," and the president isn't helping matters. LINK


The Boston Globe 's Anne Kornblut reports that some people on Capitol Hill think that the president has come through on his promise to change the tone in Washington, and now they think it's worse. LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Jackie Calmes writes similarly about the "us vs. them" partisan rancor that colors everything from Congress to policy.

USA Today 's Kathy Kieley reports that liberals are finding their voice, and it sounds angry. LINK

The Los Angeles Times raises the curtain on the Janklow manslaughter trial set to begin today in Flandreau, South Dakota. The Times Notes the defense plans to call "politicos such as Senator Tom Daschle (D-S.D.)" to the stand. LINK

The Argus-Leader reports that Janklow's trial will have none of the O.J. or Michael media hype if South Dakota lawmakers can help it. LINK

Roll Call reports that Senator Tom Daschle will be called to testify in Janklow trial. LINK

Rush and Molloy titillate New York's political press with the prospect of a Schumer/Spitzer showdown in 2006. LINK


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