The Note

Rep. Kucinich campaigns and speaks about foreign policy in Cleveland.

Rev. Sharpton is in New York to rehearse for "Saturday Night Live."

Ambassador Moseley Braun has no public events.

The Dust-up in Durham:

On Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 7 pm ET, ABC News and WMUR, the powerhouse ABC affiliate in beautiful Manchester, New Hampshire, will host a debate in Durham, on the campus of the University of New Hampshire with all nine Democratic presidential candidates.

For the next eight days, this space will be your place to look for all you need to know about this big event, which will be featured that evening on an extended version of Nightline, shown live on WMUR and on C-SPAN.

The questioners will be two of the best in the business — Ted Koppel and Scott Spradling.

ABC News Radio will provide a specially-formatted two-hour version of the debate, including post-debate analysis, to its 4,000 affiliates at 9 pm ET. ABC News Live, the 24/7 streaming video news network available at, will carry the debate also.

Given how regularly the candidates have already debated and appeared together, why should you focus on this event?

With all due respect to South Carolina, Oklahoma, Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico, and, yes, even Iowa — there ain't nothing like New Hampshire in all of presidential politics.

The state has so many politically special things that just aren't matched anywhere else:

WMUR; the Manchester Union Leader;; St. Anselm's; Will and Meryl; Julie Teer's political celebrity; U.S. Senate chiefs of staff who live in the state; Rath, Young and Pignatelli , a primary (not a caucus); Granite Status; the Monitor and the Telegraph; Bill Gardner; Eastern Time; direct flights to and from DC and New York; Politics and Eggs; Richard's Bistro; The Manch-Concord metroplex; the Bills; driving distance from Boston; the Globe; the Boston TV stations (particularly WCVB); the Center of the Universe Holiday Inn; "stop lying about my record," "the last dog dies," "I paid for this microphone," and "this boy, this son of ours, is not going to let you down"; candidates can't skip New Hampshire; the riddle inside a mystery of how independents will vote; the ghosts of Carl Cameron and Ed Muskie; the New Hampshire Political Library; and the Merrimack Restaurant.

A December Debate to Remember is going to light up the sky around the University of New Hampshire on Dec. 9.

If you are looking for some mood setting calm-before-the-storm, check out the Union Leader's coverage of the college town on Thanksgiving weekend. LINK

Now, before we go full-throttle close focus on New Hampshire, and because we reject the current superficial media culture's failure to respect or learn from history, let's review the meaning and import of the previous Democratic presidential candidates debates from 2003:

Collision in Columbia: "I'd like to come over there and strangle you, George."

New Mexico: Dick Gephardt utters his "miserable failure" line for first, second, and third times.

Baltimore: And the winner is … George Clooney.

New York City: Dick Gephardt reveals that his ' 88 Vermont chair was always a Gingrich capo.

Phoenix: Wes Clark let's everyone know that he's the front-runner.

Detroit: Dennis Kucinich proves that he has no idea what Adam Nagourney looks like.

Rock the Vote: Howard Dean picks "buckshot" out of his "rear end."

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