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Des Moines: Joe Lieberman proves just how much of an "independent Democrat" he is when DNC denies him the Max Headroom link up.

In the coming days, we'll have all sorts of special features to get you in the mood for the event, and to encourage your editor/executive producer bosses to come up to New Hampshire for their first trip of the cycle, including:

1. a brief 2003 history of the 2004 Democratic primary of New Hampshire

2. how to get Googling monkeys on a Delta Shuttle

3. a Durham accidental tourist guide

Thanksgiving weekend must-reads:

And, for those of you who took a break:

Thanksgiving leftovers of the highest quality (a.k.a.: articles you might have skipped while we were gone but are essential to go back and read):

Dan Balz and Mike Allen on President Bush's re-election effort on the front page of Sunday's Washington Post , and how some of those millions are going to be spent in a Blaise of glory on grassroots activity, with the BC04 website allegedly having 6 million people signed up, dwarfing deanforamerica. LINK

David Sanger's New York Times piece, where the blind quotes are surely not from Dr. Rice, on how the Bush policy advisers are a bit concerned that their message of multilateralism is thrown off a bit by the RNC's ad championing unilateralism. LINK

Dan Balz in the Saturday Washington Post on how Iowa's 99 counties are politically vital to Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean. LINK

And John M. Glionna of the Los Angeles Times did the same story, brilliantly, through the eyes of the industrial unions (Gephardt) versus the service unions (Dean). LINK

Janet Hook in Sunday's Los Angeles Times on the Republican deficits. LINK

Same with Dick Stevenson and Edmund Andrews in the New York Times . LINK

In response to a phone call from a Dean volunteer who inquired whether it's possible for non-Iowans to vote in the Iowa caucuses, Yepsen writes: "caucus only if you're an Iowan." LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Ed Chen has more on the president's plan to tackle the potentially divisive issue of Social Security reform on the 2004 campaign trail. LINK

Randal Archibold reported on John Edwards' coping with the "gravitas issue." LINK

Jonathan Finer Notes that some of the former liberal critics of Gov. Dean have now coalesced around him. LINK

Jodi Wilgoren followed Dean to Hawaii last week and wrote that Dean "swallowed hard, once" during his brother Charlie's repatriation. LINK

Todd Purdum brilliantly writes the New York Times ' Kerry profile, Noting the diametrically opposing opinions of Kerry's supporters and those of his critics. LINK

Beaumont profiles Wes Clark. LINK

Gail Collins introduces the Times Magazine's attempt to raise the aesthetic bar of campaign posters and buttons. LINK

The politics of steel:

The Washington Post 's Mike Allen, fresh off a quick trip to Baghdad, reports that the Bush Administration, in "one of the diciest political calculations of this term," has decided to repeal most of the tariffs it has imposed on imported steel, in order to "head off a trade war that would have included foreign retaliation against products exported from politically crucial states." LINK

Allen sizes up the impact this decision could have on the electoral map:

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