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Narrator: "He took classes at night to get into medical school, worked in an emergency room in the Bronx and with his wife, Judy, Howard Dean became a family doctor hoping to make a difference one life at a time."

"He became Governor under the worst of circumstances and earned a reputation as a maverick and independent by turning a deficit into a surplus, creating jobs, raising the minimum wage twice, and balancing budgets eleven years in a row."

"And while Washington talked Howard Dean provided healthcare coverage for nearly every child in his state and a prescription drug benefit for seniors. Now he's running for President to repeal the Bush tax cuts, restore a foreign policy that reflects American values, and break the special interest gridlock to provide health insurance for every American."

Dean: "We can stop the special interests-but not without your help. I'm Howard Dean and I approve this ad because the truth is the power to change this country is in your hands-not mine."

The AP's Mark Humbert writes that "Eight months ago, about all Dean had going for him in New York among the political professionals was the support of a former state party chairwoman, Judith Hope … But in recent weeks, the list of politically well-connected Dean supporters has grown steadily in New York as the candidate answered criticism that he couldn't raise big money — a Democratic record $14.8 million in the July-September quarter — and that he would attract little attention as a little-known governor from a little state." LINK

The Times Jodi Wilgoren explored Dean's outreach to black voters and politicians. LINK

Howie Kurtz reports that Dean on Sunday "launched a full-throated attack on President Bush's foreign policy acumen," showing how the ear of a reporter out for one of the first times with a candidate can hear the normal stump lines as news. LINK

Knight Ridder's Roddie Burris writes up his impressions from a few weeks on the Dean trail, Noting Dean's comment that Ohio will be a major battleground. LINK

The AP's Kate McCann reports that Dean "on Sunday urged states to reject federal No Child Left Behind funding, and said he would if still governor of Vermont." LINK

The State's Lee Bandy finds Dean favored over Bush in an online poll of moderate South Carolina Democrats. Note the word unscientific that Mr. Bandy rightfully places so high in his lead, hopefully derailing heart attacks by anyone who knows anything about polling anywhere. LINK

On the trail, the Dean campaign's traveling road show (O'Connor and O'Mary) officially welcomes two new faces today: Gina Glantz and Doug Thornell.

Glantz, one of the top names in Democratic politics, will serve as a traveling senior adviser. She's taking a leave of absence from the SEIU, where she served as strategist and aide to president Andrew Stern. (Sample Blog comment: "Rock on, Gina and Gov. Dean! The talent in this campaign is amazing!")

And the talented, handsome Thornell, formerly the communications director for the Congressional Black Caucus, will assume the duties of the traveling press secretary.

Both did test trips last week and have spent the past few days preparing their lives for the rigors of Dean's schedule.

The AP reports that Dean will definitely put another dime in the jukebox (baby) if aspiring Democratic National Convention delegate and Dean supporter Joan Jett is elected as a delegate from New York. LINK

Read more from the trail with Dean on LINK

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