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The Cleveland Plain Dealer checks in with Jonathan Meier, the 21-year-old walking across the country to raise awareness of Kucincich's campaign: LINK

From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

Like most politicians, Rep. Kucinich has an ability to put on one face for a particular group of supporters and switch to another face for a different group, specifically when it comes to courting such extremes as the affluent, Bohemian communities of Northern California to the struggling, blue-collar farm towns of Iowa.

So this weekend Kucinich swapped the new-age, spiritual guru of last weekend to become the straight-talking, hardscrabble kid from Cleveland, storming through Iowa in a six-day swing shouting his anti-war, anti-NAFTA message to local labor halls and college campuses throughout the state. His supporters' fervor appears to be similar no matter how different their backgrounds; the Kucinich voter, though small in number, is always die-hard.

Kucinich spent the weekend trying to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack by highlighting his commitments to bringing the troops home from Iraq, to canceling NAFTA and the WTO, and to providing universal health care, encouraging people to shoot for the "fundamental change" he envisions instead of settling for the more mainstream candidates. He had some of his harshest words yet for the Bush administration, calling them "totally corrupt" and "like a criminal enterprise."

And Kucinich has decided to go full force when it comes to comparing the current Iraq war to Vietnam. He continues to bring up at every stop a question the other candidates left at the New Hampshire Planned Parenthood forum, that of whether there should be a draft for 18-year-old women, which Kucinich uses as an example to warn crowds that a new draft is imminent if we continue on our path in Iraq.

Read more from the trail with Kucinich on LINK


The AP summarizes Sharpton's weekend. LINK

The Augusta Chronicle on Sharpton's stump/sermon … with some nice pictures. LINK

Sharpton had a chat with Newsweek about his upcoming debut on Saturday Night Live. An excerpt was placed in the Entertainment section right below the story on Paris Hilton's nude video. LINK

Yet, not everyone is thrilled about Reverend Sharpton's SNL appearance. In fact, one man in New Hampshire thinks SNL is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

"The Rev. Al might not want to hear this from New Hampshire, which he has dismissively brushed off as "the whitest state" in the nation, but he is a walking, talking Confederate flag. No one divides the races better than Sharpton. Lucky for him, no one really cares." LINK

The State and the AP wrote up Darius Jennings' funeral.

The State: LINK


From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

Rev. Sharpton graced the Black Psychiatrists of Greater New York with his presence on Friday — albeit 30 minutes late. The purpose of the conference was to explore the relationship between psychiatrists and the faith-based community and to foster a relationship to bring better treatment to minorities. To that end, Reverend Sharpton, according to members of the group, was there in a religious capacity, NOT to talk politics.

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