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Apparently, someone forgot to tell Sharpton that. He did the civil rights-heavy version of his stump throwing in a few references to mental health care. And perhaps it wasn't what the audience was expecting — or hoping for — but he had them on their feet by the end.

The funeral for Darius Jennings began shortly after another helicopter was shot down over Iraq on Saturday. The Edisto High School gymnasium was full with nearly 1,000 people — some to mourn and some to honor the fallen soldier. Jennings' mother and sister cried out for their "baby" and teachers spoke of his uniqueness. When Reverend Sharpton took the podium in his preacher's robe, the crowd was somber and Darius Jennings' mother, Elaine Johnson, was sobbing uncontrollably. He asked the group to pause and honor the young man and the crowd rose to their feet and applauded. Sharpton began, "Today is not about politics. Today is not about Bush. Today is about a young man who came out of this community … It doesn't matter whether we're for the war or against the war. I've been against the war, but … no one is against those who gave their lives for all of us."

Read more from the trail with Sharpton on LINK

Moseley Braun:

Muriel Dobbin with the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote a profile yesterday on Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, including Donna Brazile's take on Moseley Braun's candidacy. LINK

"Donna Brazile, a Democratic operative who was a staff aide to former Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 presidential campaign, suggested that Braun's problems went beyond being a long shot. 'She has to take more advantage of opportunities to go out and distinguish herself,' Brazile said."

While Braun continues to resist suggestions that she drop-out of the race, the Democratic hopeful's campaign is in a state of constant upheaval, with former NOW chairwoman Patricia Ireland being the latest addition. LINK

From ABC News' Moseley Braun campaign reporter Monica Ackerman:

Patricia Ireland, the former President of the National Organization for Women, is taking over as Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun's campaign manager. Ireland was the longest serving NOW president (1991-2001). Moseley Braun says she believes the change "will make a huge difference."

In 1992, when Moseley Braun ran for Senate, Patricia Ireland helped gather support for her, and this time around, Moseley Braun's campaign has already picked up endorsements from NOW and the National Women's Political Caucus.

Over the weekend two of Moseley Braun's consultants quit. The husband and wife team, Kevin Lampe and Kitty Kurth, played a major role in the campaign. Kevin Lampe served as both political consultant and press secretary. He was also the most accessible person on the campaign.

Read more from the trail with Moseley Braun on LINK


I'll trade you one straw poll for nine candidate appearances! Randal Archibold writes up the end to the Florida straw poll saga. LINK

The Miami Herald reports that "while all nine candidates signed a letter promising to boycott" the straw poll, "several had begun laying groundwork just in case. Operatives for Senator John Edwards of North Carolina actually polled former convention delegates to gauge his chances. Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean's campaign encouraged supporters to register for the convention as delegates." LINK

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