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Meanwhile the Tampa Tribune offers scheduling details, Noting that "eight of the nine candidates will speak" at the state party convention Saturday, Dec. 6, and "Lieberman, who observes Saturday as the Sabbath, will speak Sunday. Four will participate in a town hall forum at Saturday's lunch, and the other four in a dinner forum." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

Despite Kathleen Blanco's victory in Louisiana, the Los Angeles Times' Ron Brownstein delivers a must-read interpretation of the 2004 electoral map. Brownstein writes, " … the GOP's solidifying hold on Dixie now looms as perhaps the most imposing obstacle to Democratic hopes of regaining control of either Congress or the White House." LINK

President Bush told David Frost "he plans to stick with his vice president next time around." However, the president said he wouldn't be speaking with the rest of his team about contract extensions until after the election. LINK

The Washington Post 's David Broder Notes Cheney's ability to "find the lubricants" that make "the cogs of an all-Republican government … mesh." LINK

The Boston Globe 's Mark Jurkowitz ponders the legacy of President Bush's visit of the USS Abraham Lincoln. LINK

A poll released over the weekend by Research 2000 shows Bush with comfortable lead over Democratic challengers in North Carolina, according to the Charlotte Observer. LINK

When Bush North Carolinians that there were jobs out there that they merely needed to get the training for, it set off a backlash from Democrats in the state, according to The State. LINK

The politics of national security:

Ambassador Bremer tells his Sunday interviewers there's no change in strategy while the president preps for his trip to the Isle of Blair and an audio tape allegedly from Saddam Hussein surfaces on Al-Arabiya TV.

The AP reports from Baghdad this morning on the U.S. offensive in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit. LINK

The New York Times on the latest alleged Saddam recording. LINK

The Los Angeles Times examines the situation on the ground in Falloujah, reporting that "although the Bush administration has made much of the influx of foreign fighters into the country, (Col. Jefforey) Smith and other commanders interviewed in Iraq say the vast majority of the guerrilla force … is Iraqi. Nor do these fighters seem especially fanatical and eager to die … ''The enemy forces that we have faced — they're not martyrs,' Smith said." LINK

The Washington Post 's Mike Allen reports the president "departed (Sunday) from his practice of not commenting on particular setbacks in Iraq and acknowledged it had been 'a tough week.'" LINK

Newsweek on the Bremer-backed regrouping in Iraq and a Jan. 23, 2003, memo suggesting Saddam "had made elaborate plans for guerrilla war." LINK

As for Uniting the Kingdom, the president tells the Sun tabloid *(yes, that of Murdoch fame) he would "wage war again, and alone if necessary, to ensure the long-term safety of the world." LINK

Note the carping at the White House's granting of the interview to the best-selling British tabloid from journalists at papers who show CLOTHED women in their advertising. (But we wager the story of Kylie Minogue in the paper's "Bizarre" section is a real crowd-pleaser!)

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