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We Noted five marriages this weekend.

The first was between Transportation Security Administration personnel and Joe Trippi at Des Moines International Airport on Sunday. Not that Kathy Lash should get jealous or anything, but the TSA guys were patting down Trippi quite, shall we say, comprehensively.

Trippi was not alone in the affair. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin was also a TSA selectee yesterday, making knowledgeable passers-by both more comfortable with their own gropings and slightly incredulous at computer system that randomly chose a U.S. Senator for strict scrutiny.

The other four marriages come courtesy of the New York Times . In no particular order:

The lovely and talented Kate Whitman, who communicates to the public for Rep. Chris Cox (R-Calif.), married Craig Annis, a lobbyist. Whitman is known to all for us for ably guiding the New Hampshire Republican Party's communications staff, and she has also worked for the Bush White House, the Craig Benson gubernatorial campaign and the Department of Labor. She is 26, by the way. LINK

The New York Times ' David Halbfinger married journalist Kimberly Beth Brown in Miami yesterday. Halbfinger, the Atlanta bureau chief for the Paper of Record, has been assigned to cover Senator Kerry's presidential campaign. The marriage explains in part why Jodi Wilgoren, the master of the Dean beat for the Times , is subbing in Kerry-ville this week. LINK

Ed Rollins, a "Republican strategist," married Shari Lois Scharfer, a former CBS executive. LINK

We save our favorite announcement for last, because it reminds us of the Sandra-Sobieraj-is-dating-a Secret-Service-guy stories that all the new campaign off-air reporters were teased with. (The upshot: you, too, can find love on the trail.)

Sandra Sobieraj, it turns out, married on Saturday Franklin Edward Westfall Jr., a dashingly handsome "security specialist for the Secret Service." LINK

Our best to the all the newlyweds.


Despite the fact that he is still under investigation, Limbaugh plans to make his radio comeback today, amid predictions that the show will illicit one of his highest listener tune-ins ever. LINK

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