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President Bush has a couple of photo ops and a meeting with Iraqi women leaders at the White House today. He and Mrs. Bush leave for London tomorrow. They return to D.C. on Friday.

Vice President Cheney hits three Bush-Cheney 2004 fundraisers in New York today.

The RNC will hold a conference call today at 2:30 pm ET with Chairman Ed Gillespie to discuss "third-party soft money organizations."

In case you're not sure what Mr. Gillespie will say, the RNC's Jim Dyke gives The Note some hints: "When a man with seven billion dollars says he will spend whatever it takes to defeat the president — you would think everyone would be concerned — especially the 'watchdog' groups who worked so tirelessly to get undue influence by individuals out of the system. Maybe these groups didn't get the Wall Street Journal on Friday and read point five of the Dems plan to defeat the president?"

The New Hampshire AARP will hold a Democratic presidential candidate forum on Tuesday in Bedford. Gwen Ifill will moderate the event that features Dean, Clark, Kerry, Gephardt, Edwards, and Lieberman. It is the first forum to have just those six. Kucinich, Moseley Braun, and Sharpton were invited and have declined to attend. The debate will include all topics, but expect at least some focus on AARP premium topics like Social Security, prescription drugs, and health care.

Gov. Dean celebrates his 55th birthday today. He campaigns in D.C. today and in New Hampshire on Tuesday. He campaigns in New Mexico on Wednesday and then heads back to New Hampshire on Thursday and Friday.

Senator Kerry campaigns in Iowa today. He's in New Hampshire on Tuesday. He heads to Florida on Thursday and then he's back in New Hampshire on Friday and Saturday.

Rep. Gephardt campaigns in South Carolina today. He's in New Hampshire tomorrow.

Gen. Clark campaigns in New Mexico today. He's in New Hampshire tomorrow. He heads to Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Massachusetts on Wednesday. He campaigns in New York City on Thursday, including an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. On Friday, he campaigns in New York, South Carolina, and Arkansas.

Senator Lieberman campaigns in New Hampshire today and tomorrow. He heads to Las Vegas and Palo Alto, California, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Senator Edwards campaigns in Iowa and Milwaukee today. He's in New Hampshire tomorrow, Michigan on Wednesday, Tennessee on Thursday, and Oklahoma on Friday and Saturday.

Rep. Kucinich campaigns in New Mexico today. He's in New York City on Friday.

Rev. Sharpton is in New York City with no public events today. He's in D.C. tomorrow and campaigns in South Carolina Wednesday through Friday.

Ambassador Moseley Braun is in New Hampshire and Boston today. She has her turn on "Hardball: Battle for the White House" tonight. She's in D.C. on Tuesday and Wednesday, South Carolina on Thursday and Friday, and Florida on Saturday.

The Schwarzenegger era:

John Broder and writes that beyond the vehicle license fee and SB 60, Schwarzenegger's agenda is "rather vague." LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Mitchell Landsberg reports Arnold Schwarzenegger's inaugural, though billed as low-key, will have a "frill or two." LINK

(Note Note: John Kerry's proof: Clearly Bob Shrum couldn't be masterminding the Kerry campaign shakeup and helping write Schwarzenegger's inaugural address all at the same time, could he?)

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