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--On Oct. 22, the AP's talented Nedra Pickler wrote: "The Clark team sees New Hampshire as part of a broader strategy to raise more than $10 million by the end of the year, air ads next month, finish third in the Granite State in January, then tick off a series of wins in states with later nominating contests."

ABC News contacted Clark campaign officials after the article was published, inquiring about the figure that Pickler attributed to Clark "aides." But three said that the number came as a shock to them and they did not know where that number came from or whether it was with or without matched funds. At the time, the campaign did not have a goal amount on the record and the AP was never asked to revise the figure.

--Almost a month later, on Nov. 13, the AP's Sharon Theimer wrote that Clark "expects to collect at least $6 million in the current fund-raising quarter, which runs from October through December." A number that communications director Matt Bennett confirmed with ABC News at the time.

--Now the number has gone back up to an all-time high — more than $12 million in the fourth quarter. Bennett told ABC News that estimate does not include matching funds, but is the total estimate for what they'll raise in the fourth quarter, based on what they project to receive from donors. As for skeptics, Bennett says, "They're welcome to be skeptical. But the fact is, we wouldn't put this out there if it wasn't true."

As of now, Bennett estimated that 35% to 45% of the money is coming from Internet donations, while the rest falls into the mail/major donors categories.

Campaign Chairman Eli Segal said the campaign has "a good chance of reaching $12 million, but that's based on successful fundraising events in the month of December" and that number is "hitting the higher end of [the campaign's] estimates." Segal also said that the number is based on the fact that the campaign is raising "over $800,000 per week to date" and has "incredibly good fundraising events in December."

One such fundraiser is the Dec. 9 New York City fundraiser that falls on the same night as the New Hampshire debate. Clark will skip the debate to attend the fundraiser, slated to raise $1.5 million.

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USA Today 's Susan Page reports that in an hour-long session with USA Today and Gannett News Service reporters and editors, Clark praised the Bush Administration's accelerating of the turnover of civilian authority to Iraqis, but said "it's going to be very hard for the United States to turn the problem over to the Iraqis if Saddam is still there as the, we might say, illegitimate ruler." LINK

Jane Norman of the Des Monies Register Notes Clark's break from his presidential campaign next month when he will visit The Hague to testify in the war crimes trial of Slobodan Milosevic. LINK

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The AP says that Clark's stepbrother, whom Kranish wrote about in part I of the Clark biography, did not know he had a stepbrother until a reporter at The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette told him. LINK and LINK

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