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California's new governor:

USA Today 's Martin Kasindorf reports on the no-frills inaugural that the new administration hopes sends a let's-get-to-work impression. LINK

USA Today also has a rundown of Schwarzenegger staff and advisers: LINK and LINK

Playing judicial politics:

The New York Times ' Neil Lewis says Senate "tempers were especially raw" during the "extraordinary" Senate all-nighter. LINK

The Washington Post 's Helen Dewar reports that President Bush and Senator Daschle traded charges over judicial nominations with (what else?) "playing politics." LINK

The Washington Post 's Al Kamen reports that Democrats are "hooting" over an errant e-mail sent by an aide to Senator Frist regarding alleged Republican efforts to stage a photo op for Fox News. LINK

Senator Lindsey Graham is set to sue the Senate to force the Supreme Court to overrule the use of the filibuster on judicial nominees, according to Roll Call 's Mark Preston and Paul Kane.

The AP reports that Republicans are now conceding they probably will not be able to break the Democratic filibusters on four Bush judicial nominees. LINK

The Washington Times ' Charles Hurt reports on the "flurry of debates" during the thirty-hour Senate session. LINK

Senator Zell Miller, always good for a quote these days, compared the filibuster of Janice Rogers Brown, an African American, to a lynching, according to Klaus Marre of The Hill. LINK

The News Observer's Susan Kinzie surveys the scene in the Senate as the marathon debate winds down. LINK

Senator Durbin was among the Democrats not satisfied with judicial nominee Claude Allen's explanation of his use of the word "queers," writes the News Observer. LINK

The News Observer calls judicial nominee Allen "level-heded" and "Smart. Capable," but has reservations about his nomination. LINK

The Senate talks itself silly, writes Peter Carlson in the Washington Post Style section.LINK


Michael Slackman reports on Tom DeLay's "creative maneuver around new limits on soft money donations," Celebrations for Children Inc., which allows donors to both "help abused and neglected children" and help "pay for late-night convention parties, a luxury suite during President Bush's speech at Madison Square Garden and yacht cruises." You, we are sure, will be shocked to know goo-goo groups are crying foul. LINK

The New York Times ' Jennifer 8. Lee on television producer Norman Lear's effort to register young voters, Noting the Democratic donor says the effort will be non-partisan. LINK

The Washington Post 's Ann Gerhart writes about it too. LINK

If Mel Martinez runs for the Florida Senate seat, U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris would consider not running, according to the AP. LINK

The Orlando Sentinel paints a cautionary picture of Harris' reaction to Mel Martinez entering the Senate race, saying Martinez entering the race does not end her bid.LINK

The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel quotes Harris as stressing that, "The most important thing to me is that we have a candidate who can deliver Florida." LINK

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