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WMUR-TV (Ch. 9) is an ABC-TV affiliate headquartered in Manchester, N.H., and is owned and managed by Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc., one of the nation's largest television station groups. WMUR-TV is New Hampshire's largest commercial TV station, reaching more than a million people. WMUR-TV is considered the broadcast news source of record for New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation presidential primary election.

Beyond being talented, professional journalists, the people at WMUR are also nice as all get out and we can't wait for ya'all to come on up for the December Debate.

In the style to which Note readers have become accustomed, you can bet you will be reading more about these two debates right here in The Note all winter!!

But with John Kerry's one-day story about firing his campaign manager having become (all together now!) a five-day story (and counting), The Note was awfully tempted to lead with one of the many Kerry campaign memos that we obtained overnight.

There's one from David Wade to David Morehouse; one from Jill Alper to Mrs. Kerry; and one from a certain Time columnist to Senator Kerry.

We'll save those for next week - they all require heavy redaction - but the important thing to remember is that it was just about this time one year ago that John Kerry was getting ready to make a strong push to consolidate his position one winter too early as the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

Kerry's late 2002 efforts positioned him well in staff and consultant hiring, fundraising, and the "electability" elixir.

On December 14, 2002, precisely 11 months ago today, Al Gore's remarkable star turn on Saturday Night Live foreshadowed his next-day departure from the presidential race. Kerry brilliantly stepped into and began to fill the vacuum created by Gore's decision.

As winter turned to spring, however, things started to go bad for Kerry in the inside and outside games.

Journalist/wife/mother/genius Susan Feeney has long taught us: if someone can't run a smoothly operating presidential campaign, how can they be expected to run the country?

Saturday night's Iowa Democratic Party Jefferson-Jackson dinner is arguably a wonderful opportunity for Kerry to prove he is ready to stay and fight for his party and its nomination.

Framing the true audience for the dinner, the Des Moines Register 's latest poll shows "the economy trumps Iraq and health care as the most important issue among likely Iowa Democratic caucus participants," who also "lean toward government adoption of a national health insurance system and partial repeal of tax cuts." LINK

And framing the political media's conception of Kerry this weekend as he makes a play for hearts and minds are yesterday's developments in the Jordan Crossing.

Most of the papers ignore the amazing work done by the AP's Ramer and Fournier yesterday on this inside-inside baseball story, but if you subscribe to the Family Wire and the Wall Street Journal , you got to read about this sequence:

All in one day, Kerry trashed the three departed aides as, basically disloyal and useless; an anonymous Kerry adviser said that Jordan's sacking was in fact in the works weeks ago, at the very time The Candidate was denying it; Kerry made a heart-felt phone call to the three former aides to apologize; and the Wall Street Journal capped it off this morning with this incredible Washington Wire item:

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