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From ABC News' Kerry campaign reporter Ed O'Keefe:

Cruising a wind-swept field in a Bi-Fuel truck, Senator John F. Kerry arrived in Concord, New Hampshire, ready to talk environmental policy. And, for the first time in three days, people were once again listening.

Kerry briefly outlined the highlights of his 2020 energy plan, centered on producing 20% of U.S. energy needs by the year 2020, and pledged the creation of 500,000 new environmental energy jobs by the year 2014.

But, in a brief moment reminiscent of the "old dynamic", the Senator quibbled with the wording of one question which asked if he considered former Vermont Governor Howard Dean "unelectable".

The questioner referenced Kerry's Wednesday appearance on Manchester's WGIR, but Kerry insisted he had not said those words:

Questioner: "Senator, yesterday you said, ah, that you think your rival, Howard Dean, is unelectable; how come?" Kerry: "I don't think I said that … ". A moment later, the second questioner took a shot: Questioner: "Senator, you said that you didn't say that Howard Dean was unelectable … on a radio show what I have you saying was, 'Howard Dean will not be able to beat George Bush. I believe that very strongly. Sounds like a synonym (for unelectable) to me."

Kerry: "Well, it's a synonym. I'll accept that. But I didn't say he was unelectable. I said I don't think he'll be able to beat George Bush."

And, finally, the Senator voluntarily returned to the subject for clarification … sort of: Kerry: "Can I just say in answer to the question earlier on the terminology, I wasn't trying to be cute, I just didn't use the word 'unelectable'. So, when you said that to me, I didn't realize, you know, that I do remember saying that, you know, I think it's hard to beat George Bush. That's all."

Read more from the trail with Kerry on LINK


The AP's Sharon Theimer says General Clark will accept public financing for his presidential campaign. LINK

Slate's Fred Kaplan defends The General from the New Yorker's Peter Boyer, writing that the piece, "which paints (Clark) as scarily unqualified-is an unfair portrait as well as a misleading, occasionally inaccurate précis of the 1999 Kosovo war and Clark's role in commanding it." LINK

Page Six reports Diane von Furstenberg will be hosting a fundraiser for General Clark next week. LINK

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

For the past two and a half weeks there's been a new face on the road traveling with the Clark campaign. It's a member of General Clark's family, and it's not his wife or his son. Gene Caulfield is The General's brother-in-law. I'm sorry … I mean "Senior Brother-in-Law."

Caulfield is married to Gert Clark's eldest sister. The General's wife, Gert, is the second oldest, followed by three more sisters and a brother. A Brooklyn and New Jersey native, Caulfield worked for the American Stock Exchange on the trading floor, later moving to Reuters, from which he retired in December 2002. Following his retirement, he took up consulting on Wall Street again until he got a phone call from Little Rock a month or so ago asking him to help out on his brother-in-law's fledgling campaign.

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