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The Lawton Constitution reports on Lieberman's address at the Fort Sill National Cemetery. LINK

AP's Ron Jenkins writes that Lieberman assailed Bush for his treatment of veterans on his visit to a VFW post in Oklahoma City. LINK

The Washington Post 's Al Kamen writes about Lieberman's strategy in Oklahoma, which includes singing Rodgers and Hammerstein. LINK

It begs the question: Is karaoke really such a good idea after all? Dana Milbank obtained a "bootleg" copy of Lieberman singing Oklahoma. "The Post played the recording for Lieberman spokesman Jano Cabrera, who, after some laughter, responded: 'Oh, God.'" LINK

From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

Senator Lieberman spent Veterans Day cris-crossing Oklahoma. With a paid staff of four, Lieberman has a more extensive machine set up in Oklahoma than any other Democratic candidate.

The big news in the state was Oklahoma University's massacre of Texas A&M 77 to 0 this weekend — a huge deal in football country. When OU's president, David Boren, a former senator and college classmate of Lieberman, arrived unexpectedly at a Lieberman house party in Norman on Tuesday night, the candidate stopped mid-speech to acknowledge him.

Boren took the opportunity to lavish more than two minutes of praise on Lieberman before the 60 or so people gathered at the home of Sharilyn Young. He said, "If he's elected president … there will never be a finer human being or a more honorable human being occupying the white house than Joe Lieberman." When he was done, the two men embraced.

Boren's son Dan, an Oklahoma state representative, is endorsing Lieberman.

Ms. Young had a simple explanation for why Lieberman will fare well in Oklahoma. "He's like a no bullsxxx — excuse me — politician. He is who he says he is," she said. "Oklahoma's plain folk and he's a common man with a solid good message."

Read more from the trail with Lieberman on LINK


Lynn Okamoto writes in the Des Moines Register about Kucinich's admittedly long shot campaign, and why it keeps rolling along. LINK

From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

Congressman Kucinich, who never gives a speech without bashing insurance companies (signature line: "Insurance companies make money NOT providing health care") and touting his plan for a universal single-payer system, took the unusual step Tuesday of speaking to a group of employees at the Principal Companies, a huge insurance company known in Des Moines simply as "The Principal."

The crowd was cordial and several supporters were present, including one who works for Principal and volunteers for the campaign. But Kucinich finally got the question everyone was anticipating: This is an insurance company that provides millions of people with health care plans. What happens to us if there's a single-payer system, and how are you so sure Medicare for all will work when it often doesn't work now?

The Congressman, in the calm, deferential tone he reserves when introducing himself to undecided voters (as opposed to the fiery battle cries he delivers to avowed supporters), explained that although they might not be happy with the results of the single-payer system, his presidency would work to reduce environmental damage that he says costs the insurance industry money because of the higher number of claims being processed.

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