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The Wall Street Journal 's David Rogers reports on the growing tension over the possibility that President Bush could veto the omnibus spending package because of a provision to return to old FCC limits on the number of television stations a company can own. Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) "bluntly warned" Bush against vetoing the bill on those grounds; meanwhile, the president is putting out other fires related to the spending bill, including travel restrictions on Cuba.

ABC News Vote 2003: On to Louisiana:

Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Blanco attended a rally on the Southern University Campus to attempt to energize voters in southern Louisiana. LINK

Blanco and Bobby Jindal are turning the campaign into a "road race" writes the Times Picayune as they whip around the state making as many last minute stops as they can. LINK

Two physicians attacked Jindal yesterday for making budget cuts that hurt the poor while serving as a state and federal health care administrator, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate. LINK

The Louisiana Democratic Party is coming under fire from the widow of a doctor who says her deceased husband should not have been quoted in a political flier. LINK

California redux:

Gray Davis spent some time with the New York Times ' Broder, telling him, "'I didn't stay in touch with the people … That's clearly my biggest regret. Voters are the source of all wisdom. You have to conduct an ongoing dialogue with them.'" LINK

Playing judicial politics: Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times provides her readers with everything anyone ever wanted to know about the filibuster. LINK

Returning to the days of yore (how we miss the days of yore) the Senate will start a 30-hour debate session today to highlight Democratic efforts to block several judicial nominees. LINK

Writes the Washington Times ' Charles Hurt, Frist scheduled the filibuster because, "We can't have unnecessary delays if we are to complete the nation's business." LINK

During the marathon session, "Republicans and Democrats will condemn each other in thirty-minute face-offs over four filibustered U.S. Appeals Court nominees," writes the AP. LINK

The Washington Times ' editorial board thinks that while the extended session may not change any minds, it's about time the Republicans did something. LINK

Tim Funk talks about the Senators "speechifying" for 30 hours. LINK

Speaking Friday in North Carolina, Bush aimed his attacks at Edwards for holding up the judicial nomination of North Carolina native Terrence Boyle. LINK

The Chicago Tribune claims that with the Senate's carefully choreographed filibuster, hot air just ain't what it used to be. LINK

The Washington Post 's ed board believes the Senate's time would be better spent on bills than on a 30-hour lecture. LINK


Senator Bob Graham said yesterday that he has spoken to most of the Democratic campaigns about future roles in their administration, according to the AP. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

The New York Post 's Vince Morris reports seven fundraisers will be on Hillary Clinton's itinerary this weekend. Mr. Morris also has some angry blind quotes from Democratic presidential campaign aides about Hillary Clinton's upcoming trip to Iowa. LINK

"She shouldn't be doing this and she knows it," said an aide at one campaign.

Added another: "It's in bad taste. It demonstrates that [the Clintons'] real agenda is promoting Hillary. It's pretty craven."

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