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Another man making his mark this week is John Edwards, who is (mostly) quietly having the second best week of any of the majors (assuming all goes as planned 1 p.m. ET today in the Mayflower's Chinese room).

The Washington Post 's Ed Walsh reports that Edwards accentuated the positive in his Post ed board meeting (and also said which place he needs to finish in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Can you guess what he said?) LINK

As for the junior Senator from Massachusetts, he gets loving Boston Globe and other treatment today, all about a campaign still finding its legs, shall we say, and about the Senator playing second fiddle to a dog in late night. For more on all that, see our Kerry section below.

We share Senator Kerry's disgust with inside baseball political journalism that is all about process and personality.

None of the press' total obsession with the comings and goings of his staff will feed a single hungry child, provide health care to any family, or develop a cure for cancer.

Still, as long as we have that source at a Capitol Hill Kinko's, we aren't going to ignore major scoops.

So here, for the first time anywhere, is the latest passing-the-baton memo from the Kerry campaign — in this case from Robert Gibbs, who quit yesterday as press secretary, to Stephanie Cutter, who was named, titleless, to the communications team.

What is striking about the document (besides the baby food smudges and the Post -midnight time stamp) is its sweeping tone.

But, then, it IS only a draft.





RE: Big Bad Media

Congratulations — you are inheriting a great Iowa press shop, a former New Hampshire governor with a big Granite megaphone, and Bob Shrum's yellow pad.

There ARE, however, some things to watch out for to make sure the machine continues to hum.

1. Okay, you're here, but you're not sure what your title is, what your duties are, who exactly will be left for you to work with and who you really report to. That's normal.

2. You worked for Kennedy. The Globe was your friend. Welcome to a new reality.

3. We used to take so much heat for being such a male-dominated campaign when I worked there (Granted — the Budweiser wall calendar didn't help.). With the arrival of the whole Kennedy team of gals, y'all boast more estrogen than a roomful of CNN bookers. You might want to play that up. On the other hand, if you thought the convention staff was white, wait until you see our gang.

4. When Halperin tells you, after a debate, that only one candidate on the stage looked presidential, he doesn't necessarily mean your candidate.

5. My very best lines and information comes from Gehrke, the finest research director in the entire business. But tap that well of knowledge fast, as he has at least 4 job offers (including 3 presidential campaigns not named "Kerry") from which to choose.

6. It's pronounced "LOO-EES." "LOO-EES."

7. Avoid the words "rats," "ship," "sinking," "leaking," "listing," "falling," "slowing," or "frontrunner."

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