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The Kerry Cup spilleth over once more as the New York Times ' David Halbfinger offers an insightful profile of Bob Shrum, "who declined repeated requests for comment," that is chock full of in-house brews we bet the Candidate would rather not have seen in the Paper of Record, and offers readers the phrase "the Shrum curse." LINK

Says one Kerry adviser to the Note about all the dimes dropped in this story and those who dropped them: "It's a sad day when former staffers feel they need a bigger profile than the candidate — I've never seen so much CYA going on than in today's papers. I have to say, they are very good at spinning their own stories, but I believe it will be more damaging to them in the long run for sure."

Mark Z. Barabak and Susannah Rosenblatt of the Los Angeles Times write up the Gibbs and Chidlow departures coupled with Kerry's "Tonight Show" appearance and his not-quite-comfortable relationship with Triumph. LINK

More on that below.

Both Gibbs and Chidlow quit in reaction to Jordan's firing and "expressed dissatisfaction with the campaign," writes Ron Fournier. LINK

Bill Shaheen says his wife, Jeanne, is "the big kahuna nationally" in the Kerry camp, reports the AP. LINK

Deb Orin of the New York Post gets Steve McMahon and Murphy on the record about the Kerry campaign shakeup. Mr. Murphy relied on that good ol' baseball manager metaphor. Mr. McMahon — not so much. LINK

"'The wheels are coming off — if John Kerry is looking for the problem, he needs to look in the mirror,' said media man Steve McMahon, who works for front-runner Howard Dean."

(Note Note: Which "influential journalists" convinced Senator Kerry to shake things up? Tommy, can you hear us?)

Healy also has a piece on the staff departures coupled with Kerry's plans to target both Ho-Ho and W. LINK

In a textbook Boston Globe fashion, Scott Lehigh opines that the Kerry campaign's "real problems are inner conflicts that only he himself can ever truly resolve." LINK

The Boston Herald's Andrew Miga writes, "Many staffers complained about Kerry's cavalier handling of the Jordan firing, asserting the campaign has failed to catch fire largely because of Kerry's own shortcomings." LINK

The Boston Globe 's Patrick Healy writes up Kerry's "Tonight Show" appearance, making sure to Note Kerry's remark that Dean would make a great surgeon general. LINK

For future reference: here is a list of acceptable people a man of John Kerry's stature may follow in the second-guest-slot on the Tonight Show: Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, any non-celebrity who has performed a heroic deed.

Unacceptable choices include: Andy Dick, Jenna Jameson, any reality show contestant. The quintessential guest not to follow: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, particularly when said canine puppet brags about being the "lead guest. That's right: THE LEAD GUEST" on its Web site. LINK

From ABC News' Kerry campaign reporter Ed O'Keefe:

Senator Kerry began his Veterans' Day in Arizona, still feeling ripples of campaign manager Jim Jordan's dismissal. He ended the day in California, on a couch next to Jay Leno, after being mocked by a sharp-tongued dog puppet, though making an impressive (albeit late) national television appearance.

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