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Today's Schedule (all times Eastern):

—10:00 am: Governor Howard Dean delivers a foreign policy address at the Iowa Memorial Union, Iowa City, Iowa —10:10 am: President Bush signs the Military Family Tax Relief Act, White House —10:45 am: Congressman Dennis Kucinich speaks to students at Valley High School, West Des Moines, Iowa —10:45 am: Senate convenes for legislative business —10:55 am: President and Mrs. Bush participate in a wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va. —11:10 am: President Bush makes remarks on Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va. —11:15 am: Senator John Kerry attends a Veterans Day breakfast, Phoenix —11:30 am: General Wesley Clark visits a veterans hospital, Manchester, N.H. —12:00 pm: Congressman Kucinich speaks to employees at Principal Companies, Des Moines, Iowa —12:00 pm: Senator Joe Lieberman keynotes the Comanche County Veterans Council Veterans Day Ceremony, Elgin, Okla. —12:00 pm: Senator Kerry attends a event with veterans, Phoenix —12:00 pm: Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun visits a veterans hospital, Chicago —12:45 pm: Governor Dean meets with VFW members, Ottumwa, Iowa —1:00 pm: Senator Kerry marches in a Veterans Day parade, Phoenix —1:00 pm: General Clark holds a "Conversations with Clark" town hall forum, Manchester, N.H. —1:15 pm: President Bush makes remarks at the Heritage Foundation's President's Club Luncheon, D.C. —1:15 pm: Governor Dean meets with Wapello County Democrats, Ottumwa, Iowa —1:30 pm: Senator Lieberman attends a private campaign fundraiser, Lawton, Okla. —2:00 pm: Congressman Kucinich visits a veterans hospital, Des Moines, Iowa —2:10 pm: President Bush signs the Cemetery Expansion Act, White House —3:30 pm: Governor Dean meets with Des Moines County Democrats, Burlington, Iowa —4:00 pm: Senator Lieberman holds a roundtable discussion with veterans, Oklahoma City, Okla. —4:00 pm: Congressman Kucinich speaks at Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa —5:00 pm: Congressman Kucinich speaks Grandview College, Des Moines, Iowa —6:00 pm: General Clark meets with VFW members, Franklin, N.H. —6:15 pm: Senator Lieberman meets with supporters, Norman, Okla. —7:30 pm: Senator Kerry tapes an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Burbank, Calif. —10:30 pm: Governor Dean attends a rally and grassroots fundraiser, Portland, Ore. —11:35 pm: Senator Kerry appears on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno


There is nothing nice in this news cycle's stories about John Kerry's decision to fire Jim Jordan.

There is nothing nice in Mike Glover's revealing that Senator Kerry was heard mispronouncing the name "Gibbs"* and eating his dinner during the conference call telling the staff about firing Jordan (although it was nice of Glover to provide the Gang of 500 with some of the best details of the whole campaign!).

There is nothing nice about the Washington Post 's blind quote claiming that Karl Rove has flipped on steel.

There is nothing nice about the Democratic Party's efforts to neutralize the national security issue on this Veterans' Day. (Those efforts are more steely than nice, although the boys at the RNC get QUITE a chuckle out of them — and, yes, we do mean "boys.")

And there is nothing nice about Mayor Menino and Senator Kennedy having to dial for dollars to try to raise the money for the Boston convention (and nothing nice about the sense of Los Angeles-style déjà vu this must be giving Terry McAuliffe … )

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