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No new additions yet to the "Who wants to be a first lady" contest on, but the site is still damn funny. Kucinich still hasn't seen it yet but knows about it: LINK

From ABC News' Kucinich campaign reporter Melinda Arons:

Congressman Kucinich has had an interesting week since Wednesday night's joke about looking for a special someone to join him in the White House. He told ABC News, "I've been getting marriage proposals slipped to me! One woman at the rally in Bellingham Friday had a huge sign that said 'Marry Me.'"

The Congressman seems genuinely surprised and amused at the response, and for now is unsure whether he'll pay any heed to the contest trying to find him a mate, wary of detracting from the seriousness of the candidacy while intrigued by the opportunity for the publicity his campaign craves.

Over dinner at the Minneapolis airport en route to Des Moines (hot water with lemon, two pieces of dry wheat toast accompanied by his ever-present plastic bag of granola), Kucinich went on to talk about how difficult it is to maintain a relationship with the schedule of a Congressman-cum-presidential-candidate, but that he would absolutely be open to having more children: "I'm in great health and I absolutely love kids." Kucinich has a daughter Jackie, 21, with whom he is very close but who does not appear on the campaign trail.

But whatever void a lack of romance may leave, perhaps campaign cash can fill it. Kucinich had a special spring in his step Monday due to some fundraising success last weekend in the Bay Area, which brought in around $100,000. He wrapped up the trip with a press conference and speech to students at San Francisco State University on sustainable energy, calling for a national commitment to creating renewable energies akin to the nation's devotion to the space program during the Kennedy administration.

On the endorsement watch, Kucinich has picked up actor Joaquin Phoenix, actress Shelley Morrison (Rosario on "Will & Grace"), and Dave Matthews Band drummer Tim Reynolds. Possible endorsements coming down the pipe include actor Casey Affleck (brother of Ben) and perhaps the entire Dave Matthews Band. Willie Nelson has scheduled a benefit concert for Kucinich in Austin on January 3. According to the AP, "The Ohio congressman, a long shot in the Democratic race, outpaces his eight rivals in endorsements from the entertainment industry."

Read more from the trail with Kucinich on LINK


The Chicago Tribune Noticed Sharpton's swing through Chicago yesterday, joining the protest against Chrysler for allegedly discriminating against African-Americans applying for car loans. The article also notes that his visit there could be deepening the rift between Sharpton and Jesse, Sr. LINK

The Chicago Sun-Times wraps the event--minus the Jesse Jackson, Sr. dynamic. LINK

Africana magazine attempts to analyze Al Sharpton — the man and Al Sharpton — the candidate by taking a plunge into the past.

"Sleep if you want to, but beneath the comic appearance, the self-deprecating one-liners — "I understand deficit spending. I was born in deficit spending" — and the deliberately Ebonic diction is a political rationality that Sharpton has parlayed into his present standing as the most influential non-elected black Democrat in the party." LINK

From ABC News' Sharpton campaign reporter Beth Loyd:

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