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While Sharpton held meetings in Chicago the campaign distributed a press release entitled "Sharpton Unveils National Progressive Network for 2004," naming the contributors to the campaign's drive. Among those 'leading the efforts' are Congressmen Ed Towns (D-N.Y.) and Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.); Earl Graves Jr., President of Earl Graves Publishing; Cathy Hughes, Founder and Chairperson of Radio One; Bill Campbell, former Mayor of Atlanta; Percy Sutton,Chairman of Inner City Broadcasting; and Newark Mayor Sharpe James.

The motivation behind the release is two-fold. First, Sharpton felt the need to respond to the idea that the campaign is not serious about being competitive. Secondly, Sharpton is often questioned about his lack of support among black political leaders. This is his answer to that (and, arguably, in response more specifically to Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s endorsement of Dean).

The campaign was planning to send it out over a week ago, but last week was a little busy — with Dean/Confederate flag business to attend to. The press release also inadvertently, takes a shot at Jesse Jackson, Sr. " … we can pick up where the Rainbow Coalition left off a decade ago to ensure that our top issues are no longer ignored by the national Democrats."

Read more from the trail with Sharpton on LINK

Moseley Braun:

The Concord Monitor's Eric Moskowitz looks at the Ambassador's single-payer health care system. LINK

Read more from the trail with Moseley Braun on LINK

New Hampshire:

The Manchester Union Leader's Craig Liadis reports that Manchester's new Double-A baseball club will in fact not be called the "New Hampshire Primaries." LINK

Liadis' lead even includes the Union Leader's mandated prerequisite phrase "in the nation," and he reports that the team "endorsed democracy and canned the name" after an outcry from Granite State baseball fans that the "Primaries" name was too silly.

The Note has several suggestions for a name: Epicenters, Kingmakers, Firsts, Comeback Kids, and Because We Said So. They're all very empowering names with lots of marketing possibilities.

Assured that it has nothing to do with DNC rules, "The team will announce a plan of action within the next few days. With little time before the season begins, [team president Shawn] Smith said the team might have to wait until the next season to unveil a permanent name."

"'It doesn't matter what someone in California thinks or someone in Illinois thinks,' [team owner Drew] Weber said [regarding the team's name]. 'It's what people in New Hampshire think.'"

That has such a familiar ring for a New Hampshire story.

Democratic National Convention:

The Boston Globe 's Rick Klein reports, "In the year since Boston was awarded the 2004 Democratic National Convention, organizers have attracted only about $3 million in cash donations, including just two worth more than $250,000, according to a list of corporate sponsors posted on the host committee's website." LINK

The politics of national security:

On this Veterans Day, the president will speak on Iraq as Democrats find themselves struggling between taking the offensive on the bad news coming out of Iraq and hugging the defensive on the president's Middle East democracy speech.

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