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And President Bush got a laugh yesterday at the BMW plant when the subject turned to beer keg manufacturing and the effect that the president's sobriety had on the market. LINK

The New York Times on the keg exchange: LINK

Big Casino budget politics:

Exporting democracy and free markets gets tough in a budget crunch. The Wall Street Journal 's David Rogers looks at the effects of the budget battle on the Millennium Challenge Account, a Bush project to reward U.S. aid to poor countries that move toward democracy from one-party governments. The ripples go beyond the foreign policy project to veterans' medical care, aid to public schools and voting improvements — not to mention the larger spending bills that aren't being passed.

Republicans are reaching out to the AARP, a typically Democratic-leaning group, to help pass a prescription drug bill by Nov. 21, the AP Notes. LINK

Almost 30 Republicans in the House are threatening to vote against the remnants of the Bush faith-based initiative if it contains an environmental group tax break, the Washington Times reports. LINK

ABC News Vote 2003: On to Louisiana:

According to the Baton Rouge Advocate, African-American turnout will be a key factor in the Louisiana gubernatorial runoff on Saturday. LINK

Jindal and Blanco toned down their accusations of negative attacks, but continued to throw accusations at one another in last night's debate, writes the Times -Picayune. LINK

The Times -Picayune reports that Blanco contradicted herself in a memo to the Louisiana League for equality when she said she supported allowing gay couples to adopt, a measure she had opposed in a questionnaire from the Louisiana Family Forum. Blanco blamed the switch on staffers.LINK

ABC News Vote 2003: Mississippi and Kentucky:

Check out the exit poll data from the AP for analysis of why the Republicans took Mississippi and Kentucky.LINK


The Boston Globe 's Michael Paulson reports, "Frustrated that so many Catholic politicians support abortion rights, the bishops of the United States said yesterday that they will begin evaluating whether they can impose sanctions against elected officials who vote contrary to church teachings." LINK

The Washington Times ' Martin Gross looks at what he sees causing the polarization of voters.LINK

The New York Times reports on the California GOP's struggle to find a candidate ready to take on Senator Barbara Boxer, Noting the good will the California Senator's "restraint" during the Gray Davis recall campaign won her from Team Schwarzenegger. LINK

Cindy Adams has the dish on a new Schwarzenegger bio in the works. LINK

Playing judicial politics: Senator Harry Reid spoke for eight and a half hours yesterday in protest of the 30 hours scheduled to discuss judgeship nominations. LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

The former President made headlines in Beijing on Monday, calling the cost of AIDS drugs an international scandal. LINK

* Since no Kerry campaign source would tell us the name that the Senator allegedly mispronounced, we are picking on Gibbs because (a) he can take it; (b) we like to.

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