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The campaign launched television ads in Iowa and New Hampshire today as part of a four-phase "Plan for Change" unveiled week by week touting Edwards' 60-page platform handbook. Edwards says the book is a way to hold him accountable, and a voiceover tells viewers how to get their own copy.

Read more from the trail with Edwards on LINK


Albert McKeon writes about Lieberman's sit-down with the Nashua Telegraph 's editorial board yesterday. LINK

The AP reports on Lieberman's proposals for long-term care for seniors and includes Lieberman's concerns about the impact of Dean's decision to opt out. "Urging Dean to limit his spending to $45 million in the primaries, Lieberman said he fears Dean's move 'will create a kind of avalanche of following the bad example of George Bush.'" LINK

Sam Youngman of also reports on Lieberman's plan for seniors and his criticism of Dean. LINK

David Lightman reports on the still undecideds in New Hampshire as Joe Lieberman's greatest hope to achieve his goal of coming in third in New Hampshire — and says the approach "has holes." LINK

Lieberman detailed a long-term healthcare plan yesterday in New Hampshire that would enable taxpayers to deduct half the cost of private long-term insurance premiums and would provide a tax credit of up to $3,000, reports the Concord Monitor. LINK

From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

Senator Lieberman was having a cup of tea at Lindy's Diner in Keene, New Hampshire, when owner Arietta Rigopoulos pointed out all of the previous candidates who had visited pictured on the paper placemats. He pointed to one familiar face and said, "I gotta have a cup of tea looking at John McCain?!" Rigopoulos replied, "He's a good tipper!"

Then Lieberman pointed to McCain and said, "He's my — he's my best friend."

Lieberman shied away from talking about the Kerry campaign shake-up, saying only, "These things happen in almost every campaign." But others close to the campaign went a tad bit further. One source said, "The problem with Kerry's candidacy wasn't a single staffer — there a much larger issues there, to say the least … " The source said, "The candidate is always responsible. It's a very Gore campaign like situation."

Read more from the trail with Lieberman on LINK


The New York Times 's Brooks gives Kucinich credit for pushing the "Halliburton got a sweetheart deal" line that the other candidates have followed, but then discounts it as utterly false, saying "In the parade of Democratic bogeymen, the word "Halliburton" elicits almost as many hisses as the chart-topping 'Ashcroft.' The problem with the story is that it's almost entirely untrue." LINK

The Santa Cruz Sentinel describes the warm welcome Kucinich got there Sunday: "Introduced at the first of his two appearances at the Rio by environmentalist icon and author John Robbins as a 'beacon of truth and sanity,' Kucinich was greeted with thunderous applause from the 700-person crowd and several hand-held signs touting his presidency." LINK

The Marin Independent Journal's Beth Ashley has a spot-on profile of Saturday night's fundraiser and Marin's worship of Kucinich, saying "Kucinich might be trailing in the nationwide polls, but he appears to have Marin's spiritual, Buddhist, Spirit Rock vote well locked up." LINK

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