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Bergthold has been traveling with General Clark and his "road team" as an adviser since the first week in October, but has had no formal title until now.

Before joining the Clark campaign, Bergthold was the co-chair of the Board of People for the American Way and the former executive director of Hollywood Women's Political Committee.

Last night marked General Clark's first time in the spin room following a presidential debate. And sticking with his "I won't criticize other Democratic candidates" mantra, Clark downplayed the Dean/Confederate flag issue following the debate.

The General said: "I think it's very important we bring Southern voters to an understanding of differences between the two parties. And that the real differences are not on the sort of culture wars of litmus test issues like guns — I've got a lot of guns in my house, I've been shooting my whole life. The issue is, how do we work together to improve the lives of ordinary Americans." And then he added. "I'm against the divisiveness of the Confederate flag."

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Supporters of a Bush judicial appointee are launching a 30 second ad in South Carolina criticizing Edwards for not putting "qualifications before politics." LINK

From ABC News' Edwards campaign reporter Gloria Riviera:

"Were you wrong, Howard?"

One small sentence for John Edwards, one giant leap for his campaign.

Until now John Edwards has been a litigator as opposed to prosecutor in approaching the competition, for the most part preferring to let his campaign issue emails pointing out his rivals' inconsistencies or negative press.

But at the Rock the Vote forum Tuesday night Edwards showed a hint of the bite that made him a successful trial attorney. Up from his chair, voice raised, Edwards demanded that Howard Dean explain his statement on courting southern voters who drive pickup trucks and fly the Confederate flag. This is the South we are talking about, and it's personal. After all, Edwards himself drove a pickup truck.

Dean tried to explain, saying he wanted to go down South and talk to the voters there.

Edwards made it clear he would not be rolling out any red carpets, "Let me tell you, the last thing we need in the South is somebody like you coming down and telling us what we need to do."

Later, in the spin room, Edwards elaborated, "If he said it one hundred times he is still wrong. It doesn't matter how many times he has said it. I am troubled by the fact that he won't say what he said was wrong. If he said, 'Listen, I made a mistake … all I meant was we should reach out to white voters, there is nothing wrong with that. That is absolutely fine, but that is not what he said. And at least up to now he has not taken responsibility for it."

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Knight Ridder's Matt Stearns is on the road with Gephardt. LINK

And so as to not miss out completely on the Rock the Vote fashion show buzz, Stearns reports that "Gephardt, who favors khakis and dark shirts on the trail rather than the statesmanlike blue suits he's worn for decades in D.C., connects well with Iowa voters."

From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

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