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Governor Dean campaigns in Iowa today. He campaigns in Florida on Tuesday and he's in Boston on Tuesday night. He campaigns in New Hampshire on Wednesday and Thursday.

General Clark campaigns in New Hampshire today through Wednesday with a brief trip to Boston Tuesday night for the forum. He's in South Carolina on Thursday.

Senator Kerry campaigns in Iowa today. He's in Boston on Tuesday and he spends the rest of the week campaigning in New Hampshire.

Congressman Gephardt campaigns in New Hampshire and Boston today. He appears on "Hardball: Battle for the White House" tonight.

Senator Lieberman campaigns in South Carolina and Virginia today. He's in Boston on Tuesday. He campaigns in New Hampshire on Wednesday and in Florida on Thursday.

Senator Edwards campaigns in Iowa today. He's in New Hampshire for the rest of the week with a quick trip to Boston on Tuesday night.

Congressman Kucinich campaigns in New Hampshire today and tomorrow. He's also in Boston on Tuesday night.

Reverend Sharpton is in New York City today with no public events. He's in Boston tomorrow, back in New York City on Wednesday and Thursday, and then in Baltimore on Friday to speak at Morgan State University.

Ambassador Moseley Braun campaigns in New Hampshire today. She's in Boston tomorrow and back in New Hampshire on Wednesday.

In case you missed them: the weekend must-reads: The Washington Post 's David Broder and Dan Balz turned in a must-read on the ABC News/ Washington Post poll yesterday (along with some of their fabled door knocking), looking at the nearly 50-50 split that the American electorate has settled back into. Worries about progress in Iraq and jobs, regardless of other economic indicators, are the most important issues to voters. LINK

While Bush claims a 56% approval rating in the new survey, Broder and Balz write, voters increasingly have second thoughts about his approach in Iraq and the direction of the country. And the tax cuts that fueled the 3rd-quarter growth, which earlier polls showed weren't a priority for voters, aren't registering.

The Washington Post 's Richard Morin and Claudia Deane wrote up the new ABC News/ Washington Post poll that showed, "Democrats are divided over the direction of their party and sharply split over whether party leaders should be more willing to confront President Bush or compromise with him on the Iraq war, taxes and the budget deficit" … .suggesting that Senator Miller might be on to something. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Ed Chen goes inside President Bush's recent poll numbers and finds that people like him even if they aren't all thrilled with the way in which he is handling his job. LINK

"When President Bush described himself the other day as 'a friendly guy,' he made a point that many of his critics concede: They loathe his policies but like him personally."

"Now that his job-approval ratings are hovering around the 50% mark, about the lowest of his presidency, Bush's affability has emerged as one of his more visible assets as he prepares to run for reelection."

The Los Angeles Times' Mark Z. Barabak goes to the heart of the swing states and writes from a Warren, Michigan dateline, "Michigan can be a tough place for Republicans, particularly when the economy is hurting … " LINK

Barabak goes on to point out that no Democrat has emerged as a major threat to President Bush, but that doesn't diminish Bush's vulnerability in the abstract.

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