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ABC News Vote 2003: Kentucky, Mississippi, Philadelphia, and more: The Washington Post looks at the star power Haley Barbour brings to the Mississippi gubernatorial contest. LINK

USA Today declares the Musgrove/Barbour battle in Mississippi a dead heat and wonders if the race will once again be thrown to the House to decide the winner. LINK

Barbour is counting on suburban counties to help carry him to Mississippi's governorship. LINK

The AP writes up the frantic close of the Kentucky governor's race between Republican Congressman Ernie Fletcher and Democratic Attorney General Ben Chandler. LINK

Al Cross of the Louisville Courier-Journal urges his readers to vote and sums up the best selling points each candidate offers. LINK

Political strategists from both parties will be watching the Kentucky and Mississippi governor's races for trends that could set the course in the 2004 election. LINK

Leading Democratic Party officials tell The Note that they are angered over yesterday's "Meet the Press."

In their view, Senator Zell Miller got half the program to attack his own party and pronounce its death in the South less than forty-eight hours before polls open in two Southern governors races, with no equal time given to someone to paint a different picture.

Said one Democrat: "This is the type of treatment Democrats say they have come to expect from FOX," which just might make Neal Shapiro happy.

Going into the election tomorrow, Philadelphia mayor John Street has a slight lead over rival Sam Katz, thanks largely to the FBI's bugging of his office, according to the Washington Times ' Brian DeBose. LINK

San Francisco's mayoral contest appears to be a race for second place. The San Francisco Chronicle reports front-runner Gavin Newsom doesn't expect to get the 50% plus one required to avoid a December 9th runoff election. LINK

ABC News Vote 2003: Louisiana: The New York Times ' Gettleman on the "squeaky clean" candidates in the "testy" race for governor in Louisiana that is shaking up politics as usual in The Pelican State. LINK

The politics of national security: Following a bloody Sunday, an ABC News- Washington Post poll showing approval of the president's handling of the war dropping below 50 percent, and weekend Filter appearances from the president's national security team, the New York Times wonders whether public resolve will falter as the casualties mount. LINK

William Safire explores the lousy consequences a loss of American will would have and argues failure ain't an option. LINK

For his part, Paul Bremer plays it safe and predicts the attacks will continue. LINK

The Washington Post goes front-page with Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld's words that regardless of the violence, there is no need for more U.S. troops. The Post also admirably wrestles with Administration figures to find out just how many Iraqi troops are actually on the beat. LINK

As for a behind-the-curtain look at the politics of it all, the Los Angles Times' McManus offers the increasingly often-seen analysis that insurgent attacks are leading the president to indeed Chang the Tone in Washington. LINK (Do Note the blind quote from a White House aide expressing "irritation" from 1600 Penn with the "sharpening domestic debate" over Iraq.)

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