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Keying off of Tuesday's "Rock the Vote" forum, the AP's Will Lester looks at apathetic young voters. LINK

House of Labor: As the SEIU Dean-endorsement fever mounts (don't forget Thursday is the Day of the Vote!), AFSCME stays active in its courting of the candidates. Look for an appearance from at least Dean, Gephardt, and Edwards before a meeting of Iowa AFSCME leaders Monday and Tuesday.

Note the Note especially enjoyed hearing that Ted Danson came to speak to the group on The General's behalf a week back …

The Baltimore Sun's Mr. Witcover looks at the likely SEIU Dean backing to divine What It All Means in the labor planet's alignment. "One neutral labor official agrees. Mr. Dean up to now has been seen as 'the candidate of the Volvo-driving, upscale voters,' the official says, but endorsement by the service employees, many of them nurses and janitors, could change that perception.'"

Dean: On the eve of the Rock the Vote forum, Jonathan Zaff, co-founder and president of 18 to 35, has a piece in the Boston Globe praising Dean for appealing to young voters. LINK

Lloyd Grove previews Howard Dean's soon-to-be-released book. Mr. Grove writes the book is confessional in nature at times, especially when Dr. Dean discusses his youthful days of drinking … something he hasn't done in 22 years. LINK

Per the Tallahassee Democrat, Dean has a $250-per-person fund-raising reception set for Tuesday at the Civic Center. Florida Democratic Party Chairman Scott Maddox and local Dean supporters have a brief rally planned for him at the Civic Center plaza shortly before noon.

From ABC News' Dean campaign reporter Marc Ambinder:

For only the second time since he announced his presidential candidacy, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean publicly let loose and strummed a guitar.

It took a Halloween party in New Hampshire to get the Governor in the right mood. Without too much notice (and having never, apparently, seen the music before), he played rhythm guitar to an original composition creatively titled "The Howard Dean sing-along."

The highlight of the party, according to attendees, was when Dean listened with a broad smile as his staff members re-enacted his stump speech. (The staffer playing Dean rolled his shirt sleeves up past his elbows.)

The skit featured youthful aides wearing outfits designed to evoke key stump speech line. There was

-- a "One Way Ticket Back To Crawford" (Dean says Bush deserves one).

--"Ken Lay" and "the boys," to whom Dean says the tax cuts went.

-- A child left behind, referring to the education bill Dean criticizes.

-- A Costa Rican with health insurance. (" … even the Costa Ricans have health insurance … ")

-- A staff member wearing a very large ten gallon hit and a shirt that asked, "Where's the beef?" (That's the "[Bush is] all hat and no cattle" line.)

--A John Aschroft look-alike with a copy of the Constitution taped to his shoes. (subtle).

--One staffer wearing a tee shirt labeled "borrow," another wearing a shirt labeled "spend" (" … .borrow and spend, borrow and spend," Dean says of Bush.)

Another feature of the party was the apple bob — but in this incarnation, it was a "WMD bob" — and, yes, the tub was empty. (Get it? You can't bob for apples that aren't there … )

Alas, Dean did officially not wear a costume … but he did take off his jacket. His look: "The next president of the United States," according to his state director, the always-fabulous Karen Hicks.

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