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At a Marshalltown, Iowa, activist event, Kerry blasted rhetorically, "You know you don't have health care today? Do you know why you don't have funding for education? For Superfund? For conservation farming? Because there are powerful interests in Washington and this President is in bed with them."

The theme continued throughout the weekend, often following the invocation of President Teddy Roosevelt and preceding a litany of Kerry accomplishments.

And, finally, at the Yen Hing Dragon — a place that has seen its share of great would-be presidential pronouncements — on Sunday in Waukon, Iowa, Kerry committed himself to holding a press conference a month "at a minimum." For the time being, however, the candidate pledges to continue to take questions with or without the presence of dim sum.

Clark: General Clark seized upon the news of 16 American lives lost in Iraq to express his opposition to the Bush Administration's handling of the Post -Iraq war situation. LINK

The AP reports that Clark believes Democrats should condemn the Confederate flag. LINK

A poll released Friday by the American Research Group of Manchester, N.H. has Clark ahead of Edwards in South Carolina 17 to 10 percent. LINK

Dan K. Thomasson offers up caution to those who would support Clark for the presidency. LINK

The Northwest Arkansas News on The General's Web of online donors. LINK

From ABC News' Clark campaign reporter Deborah Apton:

The "Rock the Vote" spots being done by each Democratic presidential candidate will actually run on CNN, not MTV as reported here last week. Each candidate was asked to submit a 30-second spot to air during the CNN forum and since Clark didn't have any ads, his campaign produced something specifically for "Rock the Vote."

A music producer shot Clark's ad in downtown New York City last week. The spot shows Clark sitting around a table with a group of young folks, sleeves rolled up in a Dean-esque manner. He leans inward, talking to the group about foreign and domestic policy issues and … well, rock bands.

One campaign source at the taping told ABC News that The General was surprised by how many takes he had to do. At a campaign stop in New Hampshire the next day, Clark told a woman he lost his voice after shooting the ad.

In an another effort to appeal to the young voters, the spot ends with Clark bumping fists with one of the young men in acknowledgement of support.

The script:

Well, to answer your questions, no I would not have voted for an Iraq war.

I didn't see an imminent threat with Saddam Hussein.

I don't believe we should be using force unless it's an absolute last resort.

I am pro-choice and I'm a strong believer in affirmative action — it's the right thing to do, it works.

It's about the American idea of equal opportunity.

And I don't care what the other candidates say-I don't think Outkast is really breaking up. Andre 3000 and Big Boi just cut solo records, that's all. (Bumping Fists with young man)

I'm Wes Clark and I approve of this message.

ABC News has an advance copy of the General's spot: LINK

The speed at which Chris Matthews was talking on Imus this morning is not the only thing that accounts for the number of, uhm, questionable things he said, but one thing we feel we must point out: Wes Clark is better in person than on TV at this point — and we'll brook no argument about that.

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