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Gephardt: The Christian Science Monitor's Linda Feldmann poses the question of whether the Iowa caucuses will ever again make it to the level of importance they reached in 1988 since Iowa's aging voters won't be around to keep them going. Reporting from the Gephardt campaign trail she writes, "I got a lot of hand-wringing over whether the Iowa caucuses may go the way of the dinosaur — not because candidates will stop coming, but because voters will. LINK

The St. Petersburg Times' Adam C. Smith reports on his time on the road with the Gephardt campaign. "Gephardt's campaign has continued building old-fashioned ground operations in Iowa and other early voting states," says Smith. However he also points out a recurring problem for his campaign. "Those familiar with Gephardt often see a guy with immovable blond politician hair who ran for president and lost 15 years ago," Smith writes. LINK

The New York Times focuses on Chrissy (of Road to the White House fame!) Gephardt's journey "from a married social worker into an outspoken advocate for gay rights" and the impact her transformation has had on her father's political evolution. LINK

From ABC News' Gephardt campaign reporter Sally Hawkins:

Bill Burton, Gephardt's Iowa press secretary, calls Chrissy Gephardt "the campaign's most effective secret weapon."

Chrissy was reportedly thrilled with Saturday's front-page New York Times story about her and the influence she has on her father's campaign, particularly when it comes to gay rights issues. The article hit the stands as she made a swing through eastern Iowa, making 10 stops in three days.

When speaking to young crowds, Chrissy gives a stump speech drawing from personal experiences, just like her father. She talks about her personal experiences as a social worker and addresses domestic violence and women's health care with her mostly younger audience.

Lieberman: AP's Page Ivey previews Lieberman's higher education proposals to be unveiled today. LINK

Lieberman is in South Carolina today to tout his higher education plan. LINK

The Greenville News reports on Lieberman's visit to the city including his attack on violent video games and Howard Dean (that latter more in sorrow than in anger). LINK

Joesph Straw of the New Haven Register suggests there's a contradiction in Lieberman's attempt to Rock the Vote and says, "It's still unclear whether Lieberman is capable of 'rocking' anything." LINK

Jim Rutenberg sizes up Lieberman's "Doing What's Right" ad and says it is "clearly devised to draw to Mr. Lieberman those New Hampshire voters who supported the war and are looking for an alternative to the antiwar Dr. Dean." LINK

Speaking at a South Carolina church on Sunday, Lieberman pledged to fight against violent video games. We'd have more on this story, but we're this close to beating Grand Theft Auto. LINK

From ABC News' Lieberman campaign reporter Talesha Reynolds:

Southern Comfort:

South Carolina State Rep. Fletcher Smith, a Lieberman endorser, thinks African Americans in the state don't realize the power they hold in the upcoming primary. "We can actually decide who the president is going to be this time," he said. But if some black voters are oblivious to their political efficacy, Senator Lieberman is keenly aware of it.

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